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This evening I saw just how mean people have become to one another. I have been noticing it lately. Its almost as if there is no civility left at all or at least very little. I know that there is sin in the world and I understand that, but I came from a small town where people seemed to care for one another or try to help one another. I don't see that very much any more and I just find it really sad. Movies, music, politics,inter net blogs, media, you name it. It all just seems to be filled with so much anger, and meanness. What ever happen to that old saying if you don't have anything nice to say just don't say anything at all? Maybe I am old fashioned, or maybe just naive, I don't know? This just really made me want to weep and to pray! Oh Lord Jesus how much and desperately we need YOU!!!!!

Has anyone else noticed this???

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 Re: meanness

Hello Rainydaygirl:

I have noticed that, especially over the past 15 years or so. Time is short. Peoples love is waxing cold, and we are not even in the Tribulation yet. The movies and television are all "murder, death, & kill". Imagine how it will be, when the bride of Christ is removed from this earth, with the restraining power of the Holy Spirit along with her---imagine how evil, and dead and cold it will be here on the earth then?

But, we are not to worry, because our Reedemer lives, and has promised us eternal life, and will be here soon. Now is the time of a great harvest, as we share the good news to all those that Christ puts into our path each day.

"One life twil soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last
For me to live is Christ"



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Hello Rainydaygirl,

Just the other day, while standing in a check-out line at a store I saw this close up. First I noticed a small boy of about 6 standing behind me. He had a very resigned, sad appearance. Then I saw his mother and 2 sisters. They were badgering him and belittling him beyond any necessity. Whatever crime he was being attacked for was not committed in my sight. He withstood their snipping valiantly. It was plainly a family thing to tear him down. As a parting shot the mother (I use that term loosely) said for all the surrounding people to hear, 'Well, you need a nap.' His sister leaned over and whispered in his ear and I dare not imagine what she said for his face was a mask of pain. As I paid for my items and left, over my shoulder I told the woman and sisters that 'they' needed the nap. I am at a loss when I witness things like this. If I had interfered I could have brought more wrath down on the child later when they were out of my view.

What is he learning about love? What twisted views he is growing up around. If they don't want him, I would take him. So many children are being gobbled up in this system that poses under the name of family.

And this is only one little example of the meanness around us. If not for the grace of God, I could be that woman. How empty her heart must feel. I would not trade places with her for anything and yet, Jesus gave his life for her sins. I will be praying for them and all here on this forum,
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