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 "What Is An Hypocrite" ?

Proverbs 11:9 says this: "An hypocrite with his mouth - destroyeth his neighbor" To me this would indicate that not only is the hypocrites life damaging to those who see it, but also the hypocrites mouth is damaging to those that HEAR it
Job 15:34 reads "For the congregation of the hypocrites shall be desolate"

" Woe, to you hypocrites!" was the cry which sounded out many times in Matthew chapter 23. INDEED The scribes and pharisee's got a pasting on that day ( A RIGHT ROYAL ROASTING ) by our Lord - is self evident to those familiar with the PASSAGE! Jesus said you APPEAR OUTWARDLY RIGHTEOUS unto men, but WITHIN are full of this, this and this. ( FULL OF JUNK ) In fact: Over in Lukes gospel he said you are like graves that appear NOT, and THE men walk over are NOT aware of them! NOT aware WHAT THEY HAVE (JUST) TRODDEN ON WAS A DEAD ROTTING CARRCASE - LYING JUST BENEATH THE SURFACE! Yet not having one clue, suspicion, or inkling - what they had just trode upon!

Furthermore Jesus told the lawyers that they too were guilty of lading heavy burdens upon mens shoulders (grevious to be borne) and yet lift none of that burden or pain themselves - with not so much as the little pinkie! ( Woe unto you lawyers! ) INDEED WOE UNTO YOU LAWYERS FOR YE HAVE TAKEN AWAY THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE...

In Matthew 23 we see Christ's most damning of all indictments to the blind guides of his day. When he said EFFECTIVELY they shut up the kingdom of heaven against men! you neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
And when you travel great distances and go to extrordinary lengths JUST to make "A" proseltye (to your own religion) The result is?? You make him (two-fold) the child of hell, you are!! mmm damning words.

Actually when you think about it: What an extrordinary "lashing out" that day, upon the scribes! and upon the lawyers by the son of God! One could well ask. Did there behavior really warrant such damning words and indictments? Being called vipers and serpents ...with the blood of prophets and many righteous men on there hands! Truly you BORE witness unto yourselves ...that ye are (the children) of them that killed the prophets! Meaning: there owning scheming and plotting to have christ delivered over to the hands of the gentiles for trial and crucifixition would be the proof in itself - that they did allow the deeds of the fathers. (IOW) there future deeds would witness against them - in that way, on that particular day, in the not to distant future ( it was called calvary ) It was called being summoned before the high priest ( religious authorities)

The title of today's message is "what is an hypocrite"? Todays topic probably wont get the views or responses. But be that as it may Attention is given to this matter of (the hypocrite) in the word-of-God. So we dare not neglect it, dismiss it, or gloss over it lightly But With that in mind Clearly the goal of every believer must be one of avoiding falling into this terrible of all judgments in scripture. :-(


** An hypocrite with his mouth will be known for making this comment: DO as i say, and not as i DO
** What the hypocrites disallow in others, they make allowance for there own life.
** An hypocrite will put on a plastic smile and facade whilst shaking your hand - but the truth is (in his heart) he cant stand the ground you walk on. Indeed He will feign to like you!
** Hypocrites are two-faced, double tongued and speak out of both sides of there mouth.
** Hypocrites contradict themselves unknowingly and on a frequent "on-going" basis

Those are some of the definitions of an hypocrite which are held to not only by us ( the church) but by them of secular society. And The truth is nobody actually likes the hypocrite. He is unpopular, dis-esteemed, and very much despised as a whole...

(Clearing up a "mis-conception" about hypocrites)

It's funny how in society that the hypocrite is seen as the person who for the most part is a religious advocate that says one thing - but whose actions say something entirely different, or as the christian who fails to practise what he preaches! Whilst those views are relatively true as such. The point i wish to now make is that whilst the religionist and the christian up to now -- have borne the brunt of WHO are the hypocrites in the world? And mainly due to them who lapsed into sin or improprietious acts. Ecetera. BUT Christians as a whole have worn the clothing symbol of "hyocrite" for way to long by them of secular society - and the media. However in the bible the hypocrite was (always) spoken of as the "non-christian" and the "non believers" (ever before) it reached our doorstep - somehow now though the mere mention of the word hypocrite has people asking and gossipping which minister has fallen into sin, now? this thing has been turned on it's head to single them of faith out?

BUT FOR INSTANCE: If one reads Psalms, or Job, or proverbs, and The book of Romans in particular chapters one to three can clearly see the "original hypocrite" was the unchurched man, and the unsaved, and the sinner! For example Romans chapter 1:32 says: Who knowing the judgment of God, NOT only do the SAME, but encourage them that do them. AND THIS FROM ROMANS Therefore you are inexcusable O'Man, whoever you are that make such judgments; for you yourself in judging them...condemn yourself; for you who judge are GIVEN to doing the same things! And if we continue " and do you think O' man that indulge in these same things, that somehow you yourself will be exempt or exonnerated FROM judgment? For as MANY have sinned WITHOUT law (that is knew NOT God's laws ) shall also perish without law; and as many as have sinned IN the law likewise will be judged by that (selfsame) law. Rom 2:12 (my emphasis). In other words wether you knew law (or) didn't know law - the Judge of all the earth will bring all AND SUNDRY into judgment one day. And The law was no good useless to a jew DECLARED PAUL unless he the Jew kept the law. For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the DOERS of the law will be justified! No one will be able to stand before a righteous God on that day and claim ignorance, nor think he or she has sufficient excuse to avoid judgment!

It simply won't hold up or stack up on judgment day! before a holy God - it won't wash with him! furthermore Jesus re-enforced what im saying at this moment when he said there will be those on that day -- that will thrust out of his kingdom and appointed there portion WITH the hypocrites.
THE UNSAVED: The hypocrite was originally the man that did not profess faith in God! This is further evidenced in the way they daily live out there lives. Being full of deceit, guile, cunning, mischief, lies and white lies alike! make promises they SELDOM ever keep, given to feigning friendship with PRETENCE. They put on airs and facades, being two faced - double tongued, having double standards, full of contradiction! Who as paul said want others to be judged for such offences, and yet do the same things themselves. No folks - the original hypocrite was the "unchurched and sinner" Not that hypocrisy doesn't exist on ALL levels - FOR CLEARLY IT DOES! paul TOLD the jews in romans " that the name of God WAS blasphemed among the gentiles ...because of YOU"!!
AND SO my point is made on both fronts! BUT somehow the devil has turned this whole thing around -- to place THE STATUS OF THE hypocrite mostly on the redeemed OF THE LORD. When there whole life is one of hypocrisy! iN FACT from there mothers womb they go astray speaking lies.

But we need to move on and begin to wrap things up and bring this message and teaching to a close ( which is not easy for me - when i get this wound up ) ;-)

( What are some of the complaints you hear then about hypocrisy within the church) ??

** There is hypocritical love (1 Tim 1:5)
** Hypocritical service (Matt 6:1-18)
** The hypocritical tongue (1 tim 3:8)
** Hypocritical accusers (Acts 24:19, Jn 8:7)
** Hypocritical religion (Matt 23:1-39)
** Hypocritical worship ( mark 7:6-7 )
** Hypocritical works(Mk 7:8 Matt 23:3 Lk11:39-52
** Hypocritical standards ( mk 7:9-13)
** Hypocritical sabbath breaking ( Luke 13:14-16)

Now i don't have the time Nor the space to individually touch on each of thEse scriptural accounts! suffice to say if you take the time to LOOK THEM UP YOURSELF. You will really get something - and benefit much! They clearly show "hypocrisy" on the many different levels.

( How can we avoid falling into the terrible trap of hypocrisy - and NOT be called an hypocrite)?

The truth is at one time or another in our lives we have been guilty or have committed acts of "hypocrisy". Furthermore i do not think people in the main set out to intentionally (be a hypocrite) It more a case of spiritual blindness, and self deception, and lying against the truth ( although having said that i do not dismiss the aspect of deceit and guile - in hypocrisy ) Our eyes have to be OPENED so we can SEE our blindness, our self-deception and our sleepiness!
THE APOSTLE PETER SAID IT WELL: When he said laying aside all hypocrisies, guile, malice, and all evil speakings. Paul said to the corinthians "having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience when YOUR OWN obedience is fulfilled"

( Avoid hypocrisy - by avoiding these things )

~~ Do not say you HAVE fellowship with God, when it is clear by your life that you walk in darkness
~~ Do make claims you are abiding in him ( In Christ ) when you do NOT walk as he walked!!
(how did Christ walk?) who when he was reviled, he reviled not again, when he suffered, he threatened not! neither was guile found anywhere in his mouth. Who was holy, harmless, and seperate from sinners! Thats how he walked! Who left us an example peter says: To FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS (I peter 2:21) AND (1 JOHN 2:6)
~~ Do not make assertions "you know God" when you clearly break his commandments with impunity Ever heard people say in confident tones of voice " I know God brother" Well John says in first John - if that is the case - Then keep his commandments... otherwise scripture has you pegged a liar (1 Jn 2:4)
~~ DO not say you love God whom you have not YET seen, when all along - you find it difficult IN YOUR HEART to love brothers you disagree with - whom you have seen (again John says you are lying against the truth in nthat case) 1 JOHN 4:20
~~ DO NOT AS A MINISTER OR AS A TEACHER WEAKEN OR CHANGE THE CLEAR COMMANDS OF GOD, IN ORDER TO KEEP YOUR TRADITIONS, VIEWS and BY-LAWS. ESPECIALLY THAT WHICH PERTAINS TO "DIVORCE" RESIST WEAKENING THE TRUTH! Resist Making the commandment of God of none effect THROUGH TRADITION, which MANY DELIVER (mark 7:13) MOSES did say: IF A MAN DIVORCE HIS WIFE LET HIM GIVE HER A BILL OF DIVORCEMENT AND PUT AWAY HIS WIFE. But what did JESUS say?? MOSES FOR THE (OBVOIUS) HARDNESS OF YOUR HEARTS - suffered YOU ( allowed you) to put away your wives. But from the beginning it was NOT so! But "i" say to you: Whoever puts AWAY his wife, except (FOR GROUNDS OR REASONS OF FORNICATION) and shall marry another committeth adultery. FOR What God has JOINED TOGETHER let (not man) put asunder (interfere with)! Today's hypocrisy SEEN in church boards and councils are doing the very thing Jesus warned "not to do"...WHICH IS changing the clear command in order to stay with tradition (woe unto them) because this issue of weakening the divorce command is a big THING in God's eyes! Paul said we are allowed "to seperate" if we find ourselves in a bad situation or AN abusive situation! But not to remarry (now i ask you? what could be plainer to understand?) :-o We are not to use emotional abuse as grounds for divorce or failure to get along and communicate with one another ... as some flimsy excuse for bailing on a marrige! But yet these hypocrites did just that ...they weakened the clear command on the sanctity of marriage in order to stay with tradition and to please the surrounding culture about them, and to make them happy. (Give them a way out, as such)
(woe unto them)

Bro Stephen

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