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 A devil ...

A devil in an angel's dress

"Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin
will not be your downfall." Ezekiel 18:30

True repentance is a turning, not from some sin—but
from every sin. Every sin strikes at the law of God, the
honor of God, the being of God, and the glory of God;
and therefore the penitent must strike at all. Every sin
fetches blood from the heart of Christ, and every sin is
a grief and vexation to the Holy Spirit—and therefore
the penitent must set upon crucifying of all.

Herod turned from many sins—but not from his Delilah,
his Herodias, which was his ruin! Judas, you know, was
a devil in an angel's dress; he seemed to be turned
from every sin—but he was a secret thief, he loved the
money bag; and that golden devil, covetousness, choked
him, and hanged him at last! Saul for a time turned from
several evils—but his sparing one, Agag, cost him his
soul and his kingdom at once!

He who had the spot of leprosy in any one part of his
body was accounted a leper, although all the rest of
his body were sound and whole, Lev. 13. Just so, he
who has but one spot, one sin which he does not
endeavor to wash out in the blood of Christ, and in
the tears of true repentance—he is a leper in the
account of God.

The true penitent is for the mortifying of every lust
which has had a hand in crucifying of his dearest Savior.

The sin-sick soul must break, not some—but all its idols
in pieces, before a cure will follow. It must deface its
golden idols, its most costly idols, its most darling idols!
The returning sinner must make headway against all his
sins, and trample upon all his lusts—or else he will die
and be undone forever!

"Then you will defile your idols overlaid with silver and
your images covered with gold; you will throw them
away like a menstrual cloth and say to them—Away
with you!" Isaiah 30:22

Thomas Brooks

Lee Chapel

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 Re: A devil ...

Excellent post. A little bit of yeast causes the entire loaf to rise.

Paul Frederick West

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When Judas started stealing from the money bag I bet he started small. Maybe he took a mite or two to buy himself an ice cream cone. His conscience said "NO!" but he went ahead and did it anyway. When he let thin end of the wedge of sin enter his life, he could have had no conception of what it would lead to: that tiny indulgence of the sin of covetousness would lead to him betraying the Son of God for 30 coins and going down in history as the most execrable scoundrel ever to walk the earth.

I sure hope he enjoyed that ice cream cone.

Little sins harbored and unconfessed can lead to giant sins.

Wayne Kraus

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