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 Intellectual Climate and New Theology - Schaeffer

Francis Schaeffer exposes the real snake (false philosophical premises) in the woodpile (the church) in this lecture which covers briefly, much of the material in his book 'The God Who is There'. (Which I have read.)

It is good to hear his voice, and his unapologetic stand for faith in the ultimate reality of God's character, but this talk is not for the faint-hearted, as he - equally unapologetically - marches through his material.

[url=]Intellectual Climate and New Theology[/url]

 2009/5/16 7:03

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 Re: Intellectual Climate and New Theology - Schaeffer

Thanks Alive. :)

Mike Compton

 2009/5/16 9:31Profile

 Re: Intellectual Climate and New Theology - Schaeffer

You're welcome, dear brother. :-)

 2009/5/16 10:24

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 Re: Intellectual Climate and New Theology - Schaeffer

Our theology must first of all be practical.
If it cannot be put into practice; it is of
little avail to us. Doctrine should be easily
understood. Jesus taught the mysteries of the
kingdom of God using things that were common
and simple. Everything He taught is doable,
practical, and workable.


Martin G. Smith

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Thanks for posting that quote. I think if we stop to consider even the most seemingly obscure doctrines, we will find them to be immensely practical. Some take more contemplation than others to find out their application and use in our lives, however, I have not come across any Biblical doctrine that did not have practical implications.

With care in Christ,

Taylor Otwell

 2009/5/16 11:50Profile

 Re: Intellectual Climate and New Theology - Schaeffer

Thumbs-up Alive-to-GOD. Schaeffer was everyday reading for those not caught up with Hagin instead back when.
A few points - with "optomisitic humanism" which prevails even in "the church" - when Schaeffer spoke this - "the history-future tense" was not complete - now they have Ray Kurzweil to be "optimistic" about and of course, the Brian McClaren's et al within 'the church'.
Another point that hit, as of this last few years, was to hear Ravi speak of "keeping in the state of wonder". Sadly, there was only one Schaeffer.
Another is the "transcendental man" is the here and now with this New World Religion.
So many other points in this one teaching you've posted that were never heeded back when - you are quite correct. His 3 volume works can still be found and reasonably on the web.
Thank you!

 2009/5/16 13:43

 Re: Intellectual Climate and New Theology - Schaeffer

Thank you, Jesus-is-God; indeed my ears were tingling by the time he was winding up.

sojourner7, your quote is apt indeed. This was probably at the heart of Schaeffer's message - that no man can honestly live with the false dichotomy which was (and is) offered by making chaos a religion.

 2009/5/16 13:49

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