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Thank you to everyone for their prayers. I shared with my son that you are all praying for him and he said that it helps a lot. We will be going to the doctor soon, there is a bit of wait to get in to the specialist but they have him on a different medicine and it seemed to help a little bit more last night. We know that they want to scope him to see what is happening inside.So we will see what comes of that. They did do an ultra sound to check his gall bladder.

Through this he is learning to take his focus off of self and to really learn to rely on Jesus.It has been difficult for him at times but he told me that he thinks that Father is allowing this to happen so that he will learn to trust and have faith in Him. He said that through all of this he is learning to let go of things and not look to be in control of his own life but rather to learn to walk in submission to God in all things.

I will let you know how things go with the specialist

God Bless

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