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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Your Opinion: Whats wrong with the church?

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"Brother Todd, God leads and tells us by the scriptures of what he is going to do."

Yes, some things He tells us by the Scriptures what He is going to do. But it's not clear to everyone. The Old Testament experts missed the New Testament as it unfolded before their eyes.

Those who knew the Scriptures best in the New Testament missed the whole gig. You can read and memorize and study the Scriptures all day every day and be totally blind to God's plan as they were.

"Always in the Old Testament these things were written of what was going to happen in the New Testament times."

Again, some things were, not all. For example, where in the Old Testament does it say that the Spirit would descend on Jesus in the likeness of a dove?

"And then in the New Testament it speaks of all the things that will happen in the future."

Again, some things, not all. For example, where in the New Testament does it mention the Great Awakening?

"We need to test things according to the precious word of God."

Agreed. But only if something contradicts the Word must it be rejected.

"If we are open and wanting something else then we are in very dangerous grounds."

Wanting something else than what? The dead letter? I think that's much more dangerous (deadly).

Concerning apostolic ministry, I think a lot of those things you mentioned are good things, and probably were true in the apostles lives. But what do you make of this verse...

2 Corinthians 12:12
"The signs of a true apostle were performed among you with all perseverance, by signs and wonders and miracles."

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