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 continued prayers requested

I was able to meet with my dad again, this probably will be the last time that I will have seen him. They are moving him out of state so that he can be closer to a lager VA hospital facility. He has had two other serious heart attacks and the doctors want him to agree to a do not resuscitate order. They told him he has very little time left now maybe a year(if the medicines work) at the very most and that he needs to understand there is nothing more they can do. He was very calm and subdued during our visit. I was so shocked to see how much a toll these last two episodes have taken on him, he as aged what seems like years in a very short period of time. He was weak and had great difficulty breathing. I listened to him speak about his health and how he is living one day at a time right now. We talked some about the children and the grandchildren. He grew very quite at one point and sadly said that they would not remember him. I prayed and waited for what the Lord might have me say but felt no leading at the time to say or share with him. There were many other family members there(some who are not born again) and time was short as we said good bye. I was able to get his wife to give me the info on where they will be staying so that I might write to him and contact him by phone, and that is what I am going to do. My dad was different in this visit much more reflective on things so perhaps his heart is softening?? I am not sure but I know he has to be thinking more on things that are eternal. I am just asking that if you feel Fathers leading to do so, then please pray for my dad to come to know Jesus before it is to late, that I will be faithful to share and speak with him as the Lord leads me to. I don't want to get to caught up in having just the right words so much has I want to be obedient to speak what Fathers has for me to share.

Thank you again for your prayers through this
God Bless

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 Re: continued prayers requested

I will be keeping the both of you in my prayers.

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 Re: continued prayers requested

Will pray for him and you. God bless.


Sandra Miller

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