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 want a prayer point? read this.

I could not NOT post this up for prayer.

It's a prologue to a book coming out call "Methland", about a small farmtown, (at least in urban terms) in Iowa, that was overtaken by the meth epidemic and the men (secular) who fought against this evil evil substance. The town is Oelwein, Iowa.

the prologue has one curse word in it, and is written by a secular author, who cleves to the view that it two men who fought against this vile substance, but I beg you, read between the lines, and ask, where are the people of God in this?


[url=]"Methland" prologue[/url]

There is only One Answer to this hideous stain, and that is Jesus, and His Body, the Church.

I love small towns, I love rural America, and I see churches in these small towns, large buildings, dead and dry, and I pray, "Awaken"!

please dont flame me too much, this is just a leading I have, I stumbled across this prologue, and as you know there are NO accidents in God.

in His love, neil

 2009/5/8 11:00

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 Re: want a prayer point? read this.

And yet, things are not entirely what they seem.
. . .
the real story is as much about the death of a way of life as it is about the birth of a drug.

This must be what it is that is lurking just below the surface. The inexplicable darkness coated with illusions of propriety.

 2009/5/8 14:44Profile

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