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 Doubts about sermon uploading

Hi, I have this burden to translate some sermons by wilkerson and carter conlon, but It seems that they are very strict about links and permissions to uploading let alone subtitle their sermons.

I don't want to do something against the law here...what do you guys think?

Thanks, God bless

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 Re: Doubts about sermon uploading

Do you wish to type out their sermon? I would email them, ask them and describe exactly what it is you want to do and how you will keep their copyright intact along with title and author (or sermon).

My friends and I have a jail ministry and there is no way for me to take in a DVD or CD of their sermons. I typed up one of Carter's sermon's that I thought the girls at jail would appreciate and made sure that all the information was on each of the "NINE" pages!! LOL

Believe it or not, there are Christians who will take someone's stuff and pass it off as their own. I used to go to a church that did that. The pastor didn't know that I received David Wilkerson's monthly mailings and almost word for word he used that month's sermon without "ONE" reference as to who God gave it to originally.

To encourage you, I help my friend with her devotions and we incorporate other devotions sometimes as well. I always reference what I use but when I've written for permission to use any their devotions, they've always given it.

People just like for you to ask!!


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Thanks for your reply .
I also got a reply from sermonindex, they say that I can subtitle and upload anything under their YT account that is not used for commercial purposes.

So..this means that the short youtube sermons are under different copyright restrictions?


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So..this means that the short youtube sermons are under different copyright restrictions?

No, if it is approved by sermonindex and the videos submitted back for revival then it should be fine. I would like to host the videos either way and you are therefore then free to put them on your site afterwards also if you wish.

I hope that makes it more clear.

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