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 Grant Adkisson question

Back around 83-84 I listened to a tape series, that was kept in my church's prayer chapel, called Conference for Spiritual Awakening.

One of the speakers was Grant Adkisson (spelling?) who I believe was from Kansas City. He gave testimony on how God showed up at his Baptist church and the program suddenly went out the window. He felt led to forget his usual sermon and most of the church members ended up on their knees crying for repentance in the aisles.

He felt guilty asking God "what should I do about offering?" and God answered "Let me take care of it." More money was left on the tables in the lobby than the church had ever collected in one service.

I've always wondered just who Grant was, and what church he led. Also, what happened afterwards? Was he able to trust God and continue abandoning man's programs for "seeing what God wants to do right now"?

Anyone else ever hear this or know more details?
Wasn't any internet to ask on back in 83 (grin).


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 Re: Grant Adkisson question

Don't know if this is the same gentleman or not, the site that is oft refered to doesn't have any information, oddly.

But for what it's worth:

His email is listed in the above link, so it might be worth a shot.

The 'missing' link (info wise)

Mike Balog

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Thanks for the info!

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