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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Ye are the salt of the earth, the light of the world

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 Ye are the salt of the earth, the light of the world

A very practical way to be the salt and light of the world is to make the most of every opportunity given you to be salt and light. One of these ways is when you are conversing with another person. When during a conversation you detect un-forgiveness, murmuring, or grumbling about circumstances or towards another individual, you can be a light helping the person see the darkness they are in at that moment. Whoever hates his brother is in the dark; whereas, love covers a multitude of sins. The scripture is clear that fresh and salt water can not come from the same spring; neither should blessing God and cursing men come from the same mouth.
When we find ourselves in a conversation where the words we are hearing are not full of grace, building up the person being discussed, we can refuse to simply be a passive listener and choose to be salt and light. It will not take long before you begin to have an effect on the persons in your immediate circle. Just look at all the conversations you have with your husband or wife, your friend or your co-workers, and your brothers and sisters in Christ. Your ministry as salt and light can make a dynamic impact upon the building up of the church.
Evil reports and repeated offenses tear down much good: "One sinner destroys much good." Being salt and light in the circle of all your conversations can help prevent "spiritual forest fires" that rage among far too many fellowships. You can even help be a lookout when you see another such fire kindled. This will take boldness to step in and intervene by lovingly exposing evil communication that corrupts good morals. You may even be hurt by such actions (firefighters often suffer burns) , but if you suffer for doing what is right in the name of Jesus, the Spirit and Glory of God rests upon you.
May the Lord open our eyes to all the opportunities we have to supply salt and light to those parts of the body that we are connected with. The body of Christ is built up in love through that which every joint supplies. Your supply of loving salt and light is vitally important for the building up and growth of the body of Christ. When you are faithful in the opportunities in the little circle of your own family and friends, you will find your influence expanding as every person who is being transformed by your salt and light begins to transform those in their circles. Being faithful with your ministry of salt and light can literally save thousands of lives, one person at a time. Since every tongue is like a small fire that can set huge forest ablaze; each person salted and illuminated by your salt and light may eventually prevent thousands of spiritual fires and save many relationships.
Furthermore, each person salted and illuminated by your supply of salt and light will become a source of blessing to others. The tongue of the wise commends healing. Your tongue can set a chain reaction of healing in relationships. Let’s be faithful with our immediate circles and see just how far these blessings might travel.

“Let your conversation be full of grace, seasoned as it were with salt.”


Alan and Dina Martin

 2009/5/7 12:11Profile

 Re: Ye are the salt of the earth, the light of the world

Just read about "patience/patient" today in James 5.

I remember a teaching on the medicinal uses of salt & light and how it can sting a wound or burn the body.

Poor James. His letter has stung some to the point of them throwing it out.

Some Doctors use light-therapy - 'ultra violet' etc to heal, but improper use can do damage.

The Great Physician knows the proper use of His Light and His salt and trains His Assistants who listen to Him.

LORD Bless you Makrothumia

 2009/5/8 15:38

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