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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Strange but interesting: An urgent message to the Southern Baptist Convention leadership

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 Strange but interesting: An urgent message to the Southern Baptist Convention leadership

I was doing a google video search on Ernest C. Reisinger and found nothing, so I erased the "C." and then this "[b]An urgent message to the Southern Baptist Convention leadership[/b]" came up.

It is a strange computerized warning against Rick Warren. I did not produce it nor do I necessarily support whomever did, but there seems to be some truth in the warning.

 2009/5/2 7:21

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 Re: Strange but interesting: An urgent message to the Southern Baptist Convention lea


I checked out the link you posted and listened to it. All I can say is that what has happened according to this 'video' is what has happened to most, if not all, of the older church bodies in the USA. I belong to what is historically considered a 'peace church'. The liberals have politicized this 'peace' concept to levels contemptible, including the acceptance of unrepentant gays and civil unions. I tell you if the older church leaders would know this, they would roll over in their graves and worse. Now in response to this many groups have splintered off into small conferences and even there Rick Warren and his kind are nosing in with their philosophy...

Brian, I suspect there there is not church group who is not under some attack somewhere - if they have access to modern media, that is. Since the church consists of individuals it is up to the laity to be on guard and sound the warnings: the leaders cannot do it all.

Actually, don't you think that reading theological works written by moderns puts the reader at risk for apostasy? I used to be an avid reader, but that is history because of this very thing - I weary of picking and choosing...mind if I tell you a story?

Back in the 1970s - I think - we had a ladies social group from our church who met every two weeks for fellowship and fun. We also had an inspirational time, reading a book together and then discussing it. One of the books was written by Rosalind Rinker and it dealt with love. (I forget the title). I applied these principles. The main one was how love is accepting, tolerate of others. Years passed and then one day "Christianity Today" magazine reported on Ms. Rinker's associations with the lesbian/homosexual community. I was so upset I threw that book in the trash and as a result forgot its title as well! Brian, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in that book that indicated this was the case. BUT it laid the foundation, prepared the soil for one to accept these perversions with non-confrontational 'love'. This stinks and this memory still has the ability to upset me - it is not of anger but one of severe disgust. Now in hind sight I wonder if a very discerning person could have seen where her philosophy would take one? Now when you read polls conducted by "Christianity Today" about who were the most influential writers in the 1900s Rosalind Ricker rates at the top.

Didn't want to steal your thunder, but your post evoked some memories...


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Strange but interesting: An urgent message to the Southern Baptist Convention lea

when reading a book you much ask; is this God-centered or man-centered. Is it about God's glory, or is it about what God can do for you. When its about God and His glory we find the joy in fact that it is all of Him for Him, we get to be apart of it all.

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