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Northamptonshire, UK

 Praise God from the UK!

I just wanted to share that many people's prayers in UK and US are being answered in little old England!
God has opened up opportunities in the nearest small town to share our faith; people are joining with us to pray together and to prayer walk the town.
Also, the churches are now planning to buy up an old pub and turn it into a Christian community house to be used to reach the youth, homeless people and others.
(I am especially blessed by this as I recently met a desperate young homeless man called Dean and there was no place I could take him. Also there are great needs among the youth; a couple of weeks ago a young man jumped in front of a train and killed himself and a few days later a friend of his hanged himself in the local pub).

Please pray for this project. Thank you!

Praise God for these beginnings of revival in our small town!! Thank you Lord.

Gwendoline Mead

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 Re: Praise God from the UK!

Oh yes, praise the Lord!

It is so very encouraging when things start to happen. May His name be magnified each step of the way.

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