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Hello everyone,

I also agree with Logic, the antichrist will most definately be Muslim. Interesting because a few weeks ago I came across some information I had never even known or considered before. For example, did you know that:

-Islam is awaiting the Imam Mhadi (the Islamic redeemer). They are also waiting for the return of Isa (the false Jesus of Islam). These two are unequivocally the antichrist and false prophet (false Jesus), who will perform lying signs and wonders, just as the Lord said he would.

-The Antichrist will come from Syria. Isaiah mentions many times "the Assyrian", "the King of Assyria", "the king of Babylon"; Ezekiel mentions the "prince of Tyre"; Daniel mentions "the king of the North" (Syria), etc. This should not come as any surprise as currently Syria is the powerhouse of the Middle-East. And it is the center of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Leaders from all over the world are coming to negotiate with, or pay homage to, president Bashar Al-Asad. Syria has a strong grip over Iraq (Babylon) and pretty much controls Lebanon (modern-day Tyre, hence "the prince of Tyre").

-The Bible speaks of the antichrist ruling from Damascus (in modern-day Syria)

-Another interesting fact is that the name Al-Asad means "the Lion" in Arabic. The family name used to be Al-Wahash (the BEAST) but was changed to "the Lion" to make it more appropriate and dignified for a leader.

Here is the website where I got this from:


[url=]About the antichrist[/url]

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I understand but the gunslinger is the only one who can hang up his guns!!

I have, Lysa... thats why I am not here as often, and have tried to back away from the arguing and debating that goes on here.

As to dmoney's post, I merely agreed with Mike. Did not tear down dmoney, and dont think Mike did either. Dmoney posted something that obviously was something that someone else wrote, and we dont agree with it. Thats not tearing someone down.

If that were the case then we would be mean spirited when we pointed out to an unsaved person that they are wrong.

Tearing dmoney down would be if there was a personal attack on him, or his character, or his mama.

We just simply disagree with his post.


 2009/5/13 8:12

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Historical fact that Martin Luther, John Calvin, and several other prominent writers of commentaries had the same attitude as the following:

"My readers will naturally expect that I should either give a decided preference to some one of the opinions stated above, or produce one of my own; I can do neither, nor can I pretend to explain the book: I do not understand it; and in the things which concern so sublime and awful a subject, I dare not, as my predecessors, indulge in conjectures. I have read elaborate works on the subject, and each seemed right till another was examined. I am satisfied that no certain mode of interpreting the prophecies of this book has yet been found out, and I will not add another monument to the littleness or folly of the human mind by endeavoring to strike out a new course. I repeat it, I do not understand the book; and I am satisfied that not one who has written on the subject knows any thing more of it than myself. I should, perhaps, except J. E. Clarke, who has written on the number of the beast. His interpretation amounts nearly to demonstration; but that is but a small part of the difficulties of the Apocalypse: that interpretation, as the most probable ever yet offered to the public, shall be inserted in its proper place; as also his illustration of the xiith, xiiith, and xviith chapters. As to other matters, I must leave them to God, or to those events which shall point out the prophecy; and then, and probably not till then, will the sense of these visions be explained.

After having lived in one of the most eventful eras of the world; after having seen a number of able pens employed in the illustration of this and other prophecies; after having carefully attended to those facts which were supposed to be the incontestable proofs of the fulfillment of such and such visions, seals, trumpets, thunders, and vials of the Apocalypse; after seeing the issue of that most terrible struggle which the French nation, the French republic, the French consulate, and the French empire, have made to regain and preserve their liberties, which, like arguing in a circle, have terminated where they began, without one political or religious advantage to them or to mankind; and after viewing how the prophecies of this book were supposed to apply almost exclusively to these events, the writers and explainers of these prophecies keeping pace in their publications with the rapid succession of military operations, and confidently promising the most glorious issue, in the final destruction of superstition, despotism, arbitrary power, and tyranny of all kinds, nothing of which has been realized; I say, viewing all these things, I feel myself at perfect liberty to state that, to my apprehension, all these prophecies have been misapplied and misapprehended; and that the KEY to them is not yet intrusted to the sons of men. My readers will therefore excuse me from any exposure of my ignorance or folly by attempting to do what many, with much more wisdom and learning, have attempted, and what every man to the present day has failed in, who has preceded me in expositions of this book. I have no other mountain to heap on those already piled up; and if I had, I have not strength to lift it: those who have courage may again make the trial; already we have had a sufficiency of vain efforts."
Adam Clarke

All of us can make comments, but many of them, since the fulfillment of the things written have not yet become completely plain, end up "prophesying" ourselves, and soon lose our credibility by speaking what we do not know, but only speculate.

Clint Thornton

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 Re: Thanks sister

Mike & Krispy & Neil,

I humbly submit that there was no cause to tear down dmoney like that. I know that if you offered advice to him in a "helpful" way, he would take it. How do I know? because I did and I see a change in his posts.

Even if you disagree with it, he has something to say and maybe quite possibly he needs a mentor to show him how to post shorter discussions to make his point clearer and to stay more on track; instead of just shooting his information down?

What Krispy said


But I must add, I do appreciate this sister - Thank you, point is still taken. It was a reaction as Krispy noted, recognizing that this was someone Else's ... conjecture.

Dmoney, you did appeal to it ("[i]YOU REALLY NEED THE CHARTS AND PICTURES FOR A MORE CLEAR UNDER STANDING[/i]") and while not a personal attack upon yourself I would counter that this is not what is needed - More conjecture and speculation nor Christian gullibility (hence the link).

Brother, there is no such thing as "Bible codes" or whatever the various nomenclatures given to it. You can find anything you want, 'prove' it out by these clever sorts of things but you can also do this with [i]Moby Dick[/i] or [i]War and Peace[/i] just as ably.

The only premise I have in general and where I take umbrage at the whole of this - As Christians we ought to be truthful and [i]factual[/i], the most trustworthy of all people on the face of the earth, not given to speculative, wild imaginations and dubious, doubtful and abstract piecing of bits of data supported by using the scriptures any old way we please.

Taking my signature below to heart, my apology is in it if I broached the concept or implied an insinuation.

Boy, am I filled with fancy words this morning? :-?

Mike Balog

 2009/5/13 9:42Profile


I don't get into Bible codes or complex Biblical numerology... I think they distract from basic tenets of the Word of God.... to shape us into the likeness of Christ first and foremost.

I like to keep it simple. I think 666 being the number of man and the mark of the beast is simply the infinite and futile struggle to perfect oneself without Christ. God rested on the 6th day to let His Son finish and perfect the work. This is why Jesus referred to Himself as 'Lord of the Sabbath'. Naturally the Pharisees who had the futile 666 mark of man did not know what He meant. They wanted a conquerer, not someone who could complete and perfect them to Godliness. This is an example for us today. I believe Satan was cast out of heaven because he thought stature and power were the perfecting qualities. To let your creator be the completeness of yourself didn't appeal to him. Likewise, man believes that stature, power, and success are self perfecting qualities. The classic ego cannot admit that there is a need for anyone beyond themselves so Christ will never complete the work God intended for them and hence they take the 666 mark.

It all points to Christ in my opinion. I don't know what nationality the anti-christ will be and I think it's futile to speculate that, but I believe they will have a form or quality of false righteousness and at first will be the ultimate 'uniter'. Christ divided with His preaching of truth and I believe this began the separation of sheep and goats that continue's today.

 2009/5/13 10:14


Brother, there is no such thing as "Bible codes" or whatever the various nomenclatures given to it. You can find anything you want, 'prove' it out by these clever sorts of things but you can also do this with Moby Dick or War and Peace just as ably.

The reason for this, and for all the crazy false teachings today, is because most Christians here in America can't even spell "Hermeneutics"... much less know what it means, and how to put it into practice.


 2009/5/13 10:24


I agree with crsschk. I believe the exploration of Bible codes is simply a flesh driven intellectual attempt to get answers only prayer and relationship can truly give.

I don't think Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead to give us the intellectual capacity to decipher His Word scientifically. The message of the Bible comes to us through His Holy Spirit in us, not from supercomputers.

 2009/5/13 10:35

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West Monroe, LA


Point well taken Krispy,

With all due respect to the original question of this thread... "what do you think?"... opinions as they say are as common as noses... what we KNOW regarding the Antichrist, (and I think the whole point of the Revelation, by this "companion in tribulation" is this fact), is that he, along with all the governments of this earth from Nero, Diocletian, and all the rest that the true church has had to endure to the latest antichristian government, to the whole Muslim construct that is definitely antichristian and definitely anti Christ, anti Jew, and anti America... will all be defeated when "Behold he comes in the clouds and every eye shall see Him...

We [b]know[/b] who wins, regardless of the temporary set backs along the way and regardless of what the "saints" mentioned 13 times in the book have to suffer in between. We can take comfort from those assurances, and look forward to the end found in chapter 22 of that great book that has provided comfort even midst misunderstandings all through these centuries.

Clint Thornton

 2009/5/13 10:45Profile


Hermeneutics? Isn't that a cookie with raisins and nuts?

 2009/5/13 11:27


The verse in question is entertaining but no more than that at present. Especially for those using the e-sword. Please try it if you haven't as yet.

Click on Rev 13:18 then look to see what Adam Clarke and Alfred Barnes had to say.
Don't read it - ha - just skim down their commentaries on that one verse. :-?

There isn't one commentator in the e-sword that are living in this "revealing" generation so they'll just confuse the life out of us.

The two key words in that verse are "understanding" = G3563 and "count" = G5585 and then - like when you were a kid, go out in the backyard and get a bunch of pebbles to play with. :-D

I believe that HE is peeling back this onion skin by skin and will continue to "reveal" as we go along and put full trust in His Words ---

Dan 12:8-10 And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.
Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

I believe this is just a wisdom from HIM that will be revealed [apokaluptō G601] more and more as we travel along in these days.

I do not feel that we can say who the antiChrist is YET - but there are two beasts mentioned in Daniel and the Revelation. One is a Global Governance 'System' and out from that comes the antiChrist, according to Daniel --- Daniel 7, 8, 11, 12 is the key.

Jesus spoke of the son-of-perdition, as well as Paul, besides Daniel - so we cannot say that only John spoke of him.
But Daniel and John must be studied together and not because I say so. :-)

GOD Bless

 2009/5/13 12:15

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