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 Holiness - Lesson 1

Holiness - Lesson 1
Rev. Robert Ziriak

Hebrews 12:14

I. Holiness is not a destination you reach but it is a path you follow.

A. Holiness is consecration and purification.

B. Holiness is what you are.

C. Holiness will produce righteousness.

D. Righteousness is holiness in action. Righteousness is what we do.

E. True holiness produces righteousness in our lives.

F. Salvation is free and instant when we repent, are baptized in Jesus name and receive the Holy Ghost.

G. Living for God will cost you everything. (Explain)

H. When you receive the Holy Ghost, you become holy.
1. As you walk with God, that holiness will begin to produce action or righteousness in our lives.

I. The purpose of these lessons is to teach us how God's holiness will produce righteousness in our lives

II. Legalism; what is it and how to avoid it.

A. In the times of the New Testament, the Jewish believers were trying to make the Gentile new converts conform to the Levitical laws of what is clean and unclean, sacrifices of purification, etc...

B. The Jewish people lived under a strict guideline of laws and ordinances. There were approximately 365 laws to adhere to.

C. The problem with this system of trying to serve God is, you have a regimented code of living without any principals.

D. You cannot live by a set of legalized morals to be saved. But you can live by righteous standards to maintain the salvation God gave you.

E. If the letter of the law could save people, there would be no need for Calvary.

F. It is not so much the need for a legal code of conduct as it is necessary to understand the principals of living for God.

G. A legalist will concentrate on one aspect of living a Christian life, the outside appearance, without any teaching or examination of the inner man.
This comment does not release us to live any way we want, but it should spur us to be concerned about what is in our hearts as well as how we conduct ourselves, what we wear, what we say, how we act.
1. We are looking for balance in our lives. We need to be concerned about our righteousness as well as God's holiness in us.

H. A legalist does not develop a conscience. A legalist is dictated to by rules and not a love to please God.

I. A legalist is able to conform to rules but no able to see the principal of the rule.

J. We have taken a stand against going to movies.
1. A legalist will stay away from the movie theater because it is a rule.
2. Then they will rent the same movie or go over to a friends house to watch the same movie without feeling any conviction.
3. A legalist will feel justified because they followed the rule.
4. The problem is, they neglected the principal of the rule which is the content of the movies, what Hollywood stands for, what Disney represents, etc...

K. Another example of legalism:
1. The legalist takes the scripture about turning the other cheek and when he is slapped, he turns the other cheek but then his attitude is; "the fight is on".
2. Again, you can follow the rule and feel justified but ignore the principal and be lost.

L. Again, another example:
1. A legalist takes the scripture about forgiving your brother 7X70 and counts the offenses during the day.
2. As soon as the offenses reach 489, mercy and forgiveness ends.
3. A legalist will make the statement, if Christ did not intend for us to count the offenses He would not have given us a definite number.
a. The principal though is not the number of offenses but we should forgive no matter how many times we are offended.
b. In a 24 hour day, if you were offended 489 times, that comes to one offense every
176.687116564417177914110429447853 seconds.

M. A legalist will look for a loophole in the rule, or standard of the church, instead of looking for the principal.

N. A legalist does not want a pastor but a dictator.

O. Saints who love God, are able to follow a principal of holiness and righteousness because they love God.

III. Let's look at what it means to be a true Child of God.

A. The liberty spoken of here is the liberty God gives us to live for Him.

B. This liberty does not allow us to live by any standard, but by the standard of the Bible.

C. This liberty is the enabling power to be like Jesus.

D. When we receive the Holy Ghost, His law is being written in our hearts.

E. This should generate a love for God in us.

F. This love should generate a desire to live the way He wants us to live.
1. In other words, this inward holiness should generate a desire to live righteously.

G. The standards of the church do not bind us and restrict us, but they release us to live a life without fear or condemnation.

H. We are released to love like Christ, live like Christ and be like Christ with this Christian Liberty.

I. This Christian Liberty should cause us to look at the principals of righteousness.


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 Re: Holiness - Lesson 1

The article has a lot of good statements,but it has one that presents several questions to me:

F. Salvation is free and instant when we repent, are baptized in Jesus name and receive the Holy Ghost.

Is this writer saying that a person is not saved until baptism? In that case, Jesus would have lied to the thief on the cross, unless He baptized him after he got to paradise with him.

Is this writer saying that a person is not saved until he is baptized in water, and a preacher says "in the name of Jesus" over him?

Is he saying that all of the thousands of Christians down through the centuries who gave their lives in martyrdom to preserve the Bible that we have were really NOT SAVED because they did'nt get baptised correctly? When they wre baptized, the preacher said: "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost".

These are some things to consider. It appears that his definition of salvation excludes most of the people on this forum, and most of the true Christians throughout the ages and in this present age.

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