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 What Lights you up?


This was sent to me and I thought it had some really great questions in it as well as some really wonderful reminders of who it is that captures our hearts, who we live for...Jesus!!!!
Hope it might be a blessing to some.

God Bless
There is not a single person (except perhaps a person with a serious disability) -- no matter what the personality type -- who will give a blank stare on EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT. Right? Everyone cares about SOMETHING, or SOMEONE, right? Who's eyes won't light-up at SOMETHING?

If a person's face or eyes are "blank" on one topic, they WILL light up on another, speaking in the natural sense. We've seen eyes light up for "football" in south america and africa, "Aussie Rules Football" (guess where), "Cricket" in England, hobby projects, food, or dinner plans, a recipe, oil painting or art, pets or animals, travels, shopping, academic studies, economics, politics, classical music, a beautiful floral or vegetable garden, an impressive new computer program, the thought or mention of a particular person, or even a Math Equation. :)

SOMETHING will catch most anyone's attention -- and it'll show.


What then does it mean that we would love JESUS with ALL of our heart - soul - mind - and strength, and seek FIRST the King and His Kingdom?! How can you know if you or someone else is actually DOING that, rather than just talking about it only?

If someone has deep passion and affection for the things of Jesus, displayed in His Work and Wisdom, they WILL light-up at the mention of Him and His things! In discussion about Jesus and His Father's Truths, IT IS ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED that a true Christian will "light up" even more than any pagan does with "their" thing!

Since Jesus wants and deserves the top spot in our hearts and lives. ALL our hearts, ALL our souls, ALL our minds, ALL our strengths for JESUS and HIS Kingdom and Life means that we WILL "light up" MORE for Him than ANY other thing one can imagine. If you don't, you can know that you do not love with supremely. YOU can know. And you can be Changed, if you would lay all of that before Him.

If you don't know, then ask others around you what LIGHTS YOU UP THEM MOST, with energy, enjoyment, passion, discussion, time, resources laughter, joy, and investment. THEY can tell what you LIGHT UP at, and what is just a hobby or extra or borrowed to your heart.

Is Y'shua the one that captures you and your attention? Are His Truths and Ways the topic of your energy and creativity, morning, evening, lunch, dinner, of your awakening and your lying down? ALL your heart soul mind and strength would mean MINIMUM that everyone near you would CLEARLY know that NOTHING lights up your eyes and face and ready conversation as does JESUS, and all that He is to you, and all of the Truths that are a part of who He is!

SOMETHING lights you up, if you are a healthy human at all. NO one gives a blank stare on EVERY single topic. Not if they are alive at all.

There ARE things that send you a rush of joy or interest. What IS it?

Ask around. Your household and coworkers and neighbors and friends -- THEY know what YOUR heart is excited by.

IS it Y'shua and His Truths, for you?

ALL your heart, soul, mind, and strength -- seeking FIRST His KingDom -- certainly mean that there is NOTHING that lights you up nearly as much as Jesus and His Truths do.

Let's take our shoes off and walk towards the Burning Bush!!


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 Re: What Lights you up?

So, what lights me up? Allow me to share an incident that happened yesterday at our store.

A customer came in and we got to talking about cancer, death, and what would your reaction be if you would be diagnosed with it (she is 60 YO and cancer runs in her dad's family). There we were discussing death, Obama's presidency, the future of our country and how we are concerned for our grandchildren. During this discussion, a fine gentleman walked in, made his purchase and chimed in on this conversation. He left soon, seemed to be in a hurry. Then just as this lady was fixing to leave, I asked her if she knew who this man was? She said "no, I thought you knew him!" I told her he was stranger to me!

So there we were: three people, two acquaintances, and a stranger and we discussed spiritual things. I tell you, this blessed me so!

And another thing that has been happening! Hey, I love this! There is a older gentleman who comes by quite frequently and upon leaving will say "God Bless You!" This is something new: I never tell a cashier this upon completing a as a co-owner of a business, would it be proper for me to bless people in this way upon completing a purchase transaction? I am still thinking about it and wondering what the LORD would have me do? Anyhow, I love it when someone does it to me!

Anyhow, these were a few incidents that blessed my day! (And it lit up MY day!)


Sandra Miller

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 Re: What Lights you up?

Mary Jane, PRAISE GOD!!!

at first, I thought you wrote it...right? and I was thinking, "WOW!!! My sister just had mighty...mighty Baptism in the Holy Ghost!!!

That lit me up!! But then I read it was an email, no problem, but I was still smiling with the thought of you getting such a Baptism in the Holy Spirit, that you got on the forum, and just start prophesying your love for Jesus...wrote a 4 page love letter to Jesus!!

I get lit up 97% of the time being able to read the Bible first thing in the morn. The other 3% is when my cracked clay vessel leaks, and I get consumed with worry, fear doubt, rancor, etc.

I also get lit up by small intercessory prayer meetings, you just scale the Heights, you get caught up in High Places with God. Be honest with you, I havent been to one of those types of prayer meetings since I got back to Chicago. Shame on me. We used to have one every Thursday in the most darkest spiritual places, Topanga, California, in the world, for three years straight. I miss that, so much. shame on me.

I liked that letter a lot, thank you and God bless you and the writer!

 2009/4/24 1:06

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Greetings Ginnyrose and Neil

Thanks for posting, I am so glad this blessed you. I wanted to share that watching my son who has been struggling with fear and panic attacks due to health issue lay it down at the Lords feet and daily take up his cross to walk this out in Jesus is something that really "Lights me UP"! My son has irritable bowl syndrome and ulcer. He has struggle for a year now with the pain and fear(panic and fear of germs and people) that at times has been crippling for him. Father has done a mighty work in him though and he is eating more normally again, he is going out to places, and he is daily seeking Father for strength to cope with this stuff. His faith and trust has grown in the Lord so much that it just makes me light up to see the work that Father has done in his life. God is so good and merciful to His children.

The other thing that just lights me up is coming here to sermon index and reading the wonderful things that Father is doing to refine and shape His children into the image of His son Jesus. Neil when you posted your apology to Grep I just lit up and said "Praise God." When Krispy wrote about walking away from his the fellows that weekend and how hard that was for him to do, but for the name of Jesus he had to do, I just smiled and again gave thanks and praise to the Lord. Its also such a pleasure and joy to come here and read your post Ginnyrose, you who are steady and strong in your faith really give me encouragement to keep pushing forward!!

I guess what lights me up the most is Jesus and His people. I love being with other believers, to encourage and help care for one another. I love talking and learning about my King and all that He does for me daily. His constant love, and guidance that cause me to fall in love with Him daily. What an awesome and Holy God we have the privilege to serve!!!!

Thanks again for sharing with me what Lights you up!
God Bless you

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