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Sorry, I guess I'm the "johnny come lately" now, I've just not had time to check anything until now. Bro. McGee was one of the first preachers I listened to on the radio during my conversion 25 years ago and for several years after. He spoke on of my all time favorite quotes!

"To dwell above with the saints we love,
well, that will be glory!
But to dwell below with the saints we know,
well, that's a different story."

I can still hear him saying this...
I don't remember what verses he was talking about in particular, I jut know his point was well taken that we have great need in this life to practice the God given expression of love, even towards those we see as imperfect.

Just wanted to share that great quote. :-)

Lori Salyer

 2009/4/25 9:20Profile

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 Re: J. Vernon McGee

I've heard some stuff that makes me shout "AMEN"... and once in awhile I hear some stuff that makes me scratch my head.

It is a rare thing indeed when this does not happen with any writings by any contemporary person. I have listened to men who spoke so well to my soul that I figured he would be totally dependable only at some point hear him say something off the wall. Since then I have learned that this is a blessing in disguise: Only God's word is infallible. If another human being would be we would quickly fail the first commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". No person is that perfect, Praise God! This is why one needs to exercise extreme discernment in reading [i]anything[/i], especially religious literature. If a person speaks well, he/she can easily lead one astray, one step at a time - the step being so small it is barely discernible. And the devil loves to work this way. In any case, all literature must be evaluated in light of "thus saith the LORD/WORD", not what I think, or believe.

I have heard of Mr. McGee but have never read his writings extensively.


Sandra Miller

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