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 D.L Moody text, very encouraging.

I was reading through some of the text sermons here on SI recently and came across a text by D.L Moody of whilst he was ministering in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have posted here below an extract, because as has been mentioned here on SI before, it is encouraging to us to hear of the weaknesses of these great men of God. Moody shares here how God worked mightly even though Moody himself was discouraged in his own weakness and in-ability.

[b]Last night I was more confirmed in my views regarding the power of prayer than ever. "This is all excitement," some say; "it is got up by earnest appeals that work on the feelings of people, and move their impulses, making them uneasy and anxious." Now, for example, there was nothing said last night to speak of, and I never was more disgusted with myself than I was on Sunday -night. It seemed as if I could not preach the Gospel, as if my tongue would not speak. But still the number of inquirers was extraordinary.

Last night, when there was no speaking at all, and when I just came in and asked that any inquirers might follow me into the moderator's room, taking a few with me, and expecting to come in and ask out a few more when I had seen these, the number was so great that came out without solicitation that I did not need to return. I saw over a hundred inquirers last night, and there were from fifty to seventy that I had to close the door on, being unable to see them.

A great many who have not been at the meetings at all, have been converted in their own homes. God is working, not we. Oh! that we would keep ourselves down in the dust, and every one of us get out of the way, and let God work. It would be so easy for Him to go into every dwelling in Edinburgh, and convict and convert ten thousand souls.[/b]

PRAISE GOD!! Not mans ability but his alone! :-D

Darren Broadhurst

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