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 About John Wesley and prophet's

I just read this from John Wesley's Diary:
I found this quite interesting.

Feb. 29, 1742

Hearing of one who had been drawn away by those who prophesy smooth things, I went to her house. But she was puropsely gone abroad. Perceiving there was no human help, I desired the congregation at Short's Gardens, to join with me in prayer to God, that he would suffer her to have no rest in her spirit, till she returned into the way of truth. Two days after, she came to me of her own accord, and confessed, in the bitterness of her soul, that she had no rest, day or night, while she remained with them, out of whose hands God had now delivered her.
End Quote.

Does anyone think that the problem today is that were afraid to speak out against these self proclaimed prophets? But more importantly, that were not praying for those who are drawn away from the true Gospel.
If God would answer our prayers to draw people back to the Cross these false prophets would run out of money...
Just a thought, and still pondering what all Wesley implied by the statement smooth things.


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 Re: About John Wesley and prophet's

To me a soon as i saw the words smooth things i thought it implied,things we want to hear,easy words,all the nice parts of the bible maybe.rachael

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