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 Heaven or Hell?

This is a message widely proclaimed in modern day preaching. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun or hell hot and heaven sweet. Is this the message that we should preach?
Is heaven and hell the real issue? Do we sound this to the rooftops and hope for a hearing. Or, is the real issue GOD and sin? Is the real issue being seperated from our sin. Sin is not an outward act as most do proclaim but a nature that has complete dominion over the sinner and rules their every intension of spirituality. To just make the defining moment a heaven or hell issue is to belittle God's Holiness and bypass It completely.
Hell has influenced many decisional regenerates to confess salvation,but is this not using The Lord Jesus as a scapegoat from eternal torments? Heaven is not heaven because it is the alternative to enternal damnation. Heaven will be heaven because Christ is there.
A beautiful, lovely, pure, and reigning Christ will be who and what heaven is. The one that has saved me from my sin not from hell. Of course being saved from hell is a by product of salvation from sin, but should never be the soul reasoning of salvation. Christ is the reason. The Spirit of Truth shall come and when He has came He shall tell you of ME and the things which are Mine. It is all about Christ is it not?


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 Re: Heaven or Hell?

I really like the signature quote from
Spurgeon on the sovereignty of GOD !!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: Heaven or Hell?

Try listening to Ray Comfort's "Hell's best kept secret." I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

 2009/7/9 4:48

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