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This post is what we were addressing.


ive been feeling very strange lately. ive been having these illusions the tv is talking directly to my, and with that it makes me believe that i am Jesus, or even neo (the one) from the matrix.

i also feel that god is tying to break through to me, and i know that hes God, and (i think) when he wants to hell will, but then again i know that it says in the bible today is the day for salvation, so i really dont know whats going on with that one.

i need to go talk to a pastor, although i cant really, i get extremely paranoid in the public eye,

God please break through to me. All of us.

 2009/4/11 10:16

 Re: Something is wrong . . .

on topic?

 2009/4/11 10:44


Php 4:5 - Let your moderation be known unto all men - That is, let it be such that others may see it. This does not mean that they were to make an ostentatious display of it, but that it should be such a characteristic of their lives that it would be constantly visible to others. The word “moderation” - ἐπιεικὲς epieikes - refers to restraint on the passions, general soberness of living, being free from all excesses. The word properly means that which is fit or suitable, and then propriety, gentleness, mildness - They were to indulge in no excess of passion, or dress, or eating, or drinking. They were to govern their appetites, restrain their temper, and to be examples of what was proper for people in view of the expectation that the Lord would soon appear.

A wonderful exposition brother Mike, nicely put.

 2009/4/11 12:49

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 Re: Something is wrong . . .


I do not have time to read all the replies to this question, but have been thinking about it since I first saw it...

Things are bad out there, always have been but it seem to have accelerated much in recent time and folks feel like they are being run over by a steam roller. Now I am wondering if you are in a process of experiencing a personal revival? Revival happens when sin becomes exceedingly awful, repulsive because you are experiencing a new sense of the holiness of God. And the devil is saying "BOO!" and you jump!

There are two scriptures that come to my mind. One is in Ecclesiastes 7:10: Do not say, 'Why is it that the former days were better than these? For it is not from wisdom that you ask about this.' (NASB) The other one is Luke 21:28: 'And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.' (KJV)

Now we would believe Jesus return could be soon, real soon, and our hearts are grieved with loved ones who have spurned the LORD so how are we to react? The bottom line is each and every person has to make that choice, God will not force anyone to love him and that convicting people of their sin is the work of the Holy Spirit. For me, while I pray for loved ones' salvation, I also pray that I would not interfere in that process because I am by nature impatient, I want things done yesterday, including spiritual growth.

This is my understanding of this issue...

BTW: mind if I share something strange that happened here in our community in February? We live in a very small own of 1000 people. Anyhow, one day in February, I heard a very loud noise outside. I was in the house and I ran to the front, wondering if an airplane is going to crash into it? This loud sustained noise came from the south. I looked outside, saw nothing. I also wondered whether it may be the trumpet but then I did not hear a shout so I knew it was not Jesus return. This noise was heard over town and out of town. Some speculated it may have come from blasting done by a road construction crew 80 miles to the north but I disagree - this sound was sustained not a loud boom. Anyhow, this sound happened later at night. No one still knows the source. But I had to think of what Jesus said about signs in the sky that would precede his coming...whatever it was, it sure made people think! If it succeeded in doing that, it served a useful purpose.


Sandra Miller

 2009/4/11 13:32Profile

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Now I am wondering if you are in a process of experiencing a personal revival?

Hi ginnyrose,

It was not too long ago that I was "vived," and I continually pray that I don't come into a condition of needing to be "revived," so I don't think that is what is happening. I must admit however, that these days are trying. At times I have trouble containing myself from being too happy, and at other times I find myself drooping under the burdens of others. It is also quite clear that Satan is working overtime as he is continually bringing forth new weapons of deception.

I am pretty sure that the problem was that it was Passover, which I was unaware of until fuehrerbe21 brought it to my attention.

God bless you ginnyrose.

 2009/4/11 13:49Profile

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