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 Tom Deckard

Ive listened to all of his internet radio and video broadcasts.
This guy fails my general rule of thumb about preachers-- which is--
How many verses does he use and how many stories does he tell?
----all he talks about are his visions and how they came true. (he's a used car salesman)
He never talked once about leading people to Christ!!!!

He said there is no unity in the church.!!!!
-- this false prophet dosen't even understand the basic unity and common purpose in the church that is thru the H.S.

He said that the church is a waste of time and non spiritual. The thirty years that I have visited hundreds of churches I have witnessed ,mostly sincere, people who's lives have been transformed.
(this guy is either nuts or a charlatan)

finally, he fits the first discription of a cult leader-- only HE knows the truth.

'all men are liars-- only God has the truth... 'I am the way the truth and the life', ect...

This guy has good talking skills but he's not hard to see through.

GB all

 2009/4/8 3:58

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Nottingham, England

 Re: Tom Deckard

Hello, and welcome to the website.

Quite an intresting choice of topic for you first post.

As it is, I have never heard of Tom Deckard until now, so I don't know anything about his ministry.

But, there are other ministries besides his, so you can easily listen to those, rather than have your spirit grieved and your mind becoming doubtful over the things he says and believes.

Put first things first, as the apostles did in Acts 6v4, 'But we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word'

God bless.

 2009/4/8 4:36Profile

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