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hulsey wrote:

...You can't have 3 eternal beings and only one God...
...Now within this one being there are three eternally existing persons.

What's the diference?

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Stop trying to grasp it,God is omnipresent, He's in all of us by His Spirit, but also on the throne in heaven, all at the same time. We live in time and space, we see things in a now perspective, God sees past present and future, there is no time in heaven.


You stopped a little short with God's omnipresence. I know this is a little off topic but try to wrap your mind around this:

God's omnipresence doesn't stop at filling space (He's everywhere at once) but He fills eternity (He's also at every 'time' at once). This means that He doesn't just see the future, He's already there. He already exists 2000yrs from now and he's still present 2000yrs ago.

Jeremy Hulsey


Yes I did stop short, I didn't want to get off subject. I do agree with you brother.
If we really understood this , it wound stop a lot of debates. God is always drawing us onto HIMSELF, by HIS presence.

love in CHRIST tom

Tom weighill

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 Re: Trinity of God

First man Adam:Gen.2:7 God took OF the Earth(dust)and made man.
Note:God took of the earth,(not all the earth)
Second man Adam:Lk.1:35 (the Angel of the Lord
was telling Mary what was going to take place
with her)`The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee,
and the the power of the Highest shall OVERSHADOW
thee;therefore`that Holy thing(Word/Spirit/Seed)
which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.( Jesus was part earth[y](from his mother Mary) and part Spirit.
We all know:
God is Spirit
He is Invisable(when we SEE God, it meams the WORD/scripture is opened up to us
The WORD is God(Jn.1:1)
He is He who Speaketh..The I AM.
God Who is (Spirit)is everywhere ..(Acts 17:27)Paul says He is not far from everyone of us.
God took OF His Spirit and Spoke it into Marys womb ,The WORD was made FLESH(Jn.1:14)
When God in the begining was saying `Let US make
man' (Gen.1:26) I believe He was talking to the Word/Spirit( which are ONE)
It is deep.Please understand what I am saying.
In His Great love

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What's the diference?

It's very subtle. We all exist as a person within a being. That is a person existing in a human being. There are 6 billion human beings alive today. God however has only one being but within that one being there are three persons. The reason you can have more than one human being and only one 'God' being is that humans are finite where God is infinite.

Every person we've ever known has been one person in one being but that does not mean that it's impossible for one being to have three persons. Or for one person to have two beings (Jesus Christ is both God and human).

Within the Father is all the fullness of the one being of God. In other words the Son and the Spirit are not required to complete the full divity of the Father. Or to put it another way; if the Father were present and the Son and the Spirit were not, all of God is there and part of Him is not missing (This is only hypothetical speech because to go deeper into the subject you'll find I believe that where One is the others are always present.) The same is true of the Son and the Spirit. Now they are all this same being. This is what I mean by there can only be one being. However, there are three persons. The Father is the person of the Father which is not the Son or the Spirit and the Son is the Son which is not the Father or the Spirit etc.

Jeremy Hulsey

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