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 shillong revival

John Beechy

 2009/3/26 20:43Profile

 Re: shillong revival

thank you for that report. May God have His way with the believers in Shillong.

I never knew about the city of Shillong. Now I do, thank you and God bless you.


 2009/3/26 21:07

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There is alot of "extra" biblical things happening there and it can "almost" be equated to a "Toronto airport" of India experience. Many are traveling to GET something. It overall is sad even though God is working in the midst of it to save souls from a eternal hell, things like gold dust, glitter, diamonds, gold teeth are things that are just delusion and not from God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2009/3/26 22:55Profile


Greg, I wasnt too wild about the glitter myself, and some of the other "stuff", but overall I don't think its sad when folks get together ANYWHERE and can lift up the Name of Jesus, repent and be baptized, especially in a country like India, where in India I read the most hideous reports in VOM of pastors and followers of Jesus being set upon by militant Hindu's.

I believe that God calls sinners to Him out of His abundant love and mercy, and most importantly for HIS Glory, not just to give them a "get out of hell free" card. In fact, if the main onus of sinners coming to Jesus and repenting is based on the premise that they fear hell, rather than for Love of the Father, Love of the Son, then that's just limp wristed weak kneed Christianity.

Eternal life with the Son is a bonus, not the onus of life on earth loving the Lord. Thats my conviction...and anywhere sinners seek Jesus, I praise God and encourage thru my prayers, and such prayers may be that God sweep away the excesses of such as glitter, holy laughter and all the stuff that goes along with revivals. Every revival has had its detractors. People heaped scorn upon Evan Roberts in Wales in 1904, People heaped scorn on Duncan Campbell in the Hebrides during the 50's Hebridean revival, he had many detractors from within the Church itself, same with John Sung in the 20 and 30's in the Shantung province in China, not from the "helpless and harrassed sheep" who were the unrepentant lost, but from the establishment church.

If there's excess in revival, God will sweep away the dross, look at Toronto now, its a joke, look a Lakeland now. you dont think they are humiliated, by their lack of discernment in allowing this deluded man, Todd Bentley's actions?

and what if, some overburdened sinner was dragged to Lakeland by some well meaning saint, and despite Bentley's antics, the Holy Spirit cut thru this tomfoolery ,pricked this sinner's heart, and he or she went back home washed in the Blood, got themselves into a sane Full Gospel Church and now are a trophy of Grace, was it all worth it?

yes, I say. For every soul swept into the Kingdom of Heaven today , I praise God.

 2009/3/27 8:32

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