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 Looking for Corrie ten Boom sermon

I heard Corrie speak in 1975 in NYC and she was speaking of what was coming to America. She talked about the rise of fascism and how America was going to fall. I never forgot this sermon but I would like to find a full copy of it. Does anyone know where I might find it?

Thanks. :-(

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 Re: Looking for Corrie ten Boom sermon

I would love to get a copy of this! such a needed message to be heard in our day.

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Welcome DeetieG.

Do you recall where it was in NY that she spoke?

I know she loved David Pawson. He quotes her in this message quite a bit.

Praying we'll find this sermon that you've heard by Corrie. She's a hero to us all.

 2009/3/26 15:35

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She spoke at Town Hall in Manhattan. It was either 1976 or 1977, but I think 1976. She said that the Lord had sent her to America to preach this message to the church and to warn the church about what was coming.

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Oh it would be wonderful to find.
Richard Wurmbrand used very similar words for why he came to this country.
We can pray - maybe somebody taped it.

Bless you.

 2009/3/26 20:44

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 Re: Looking for Corrie ten Boom sermon

I wonder if Focus on the Family has it? They have aired recordings of her messages over the years. Just a thought... :-)

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