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 Wheat & weed in the Church by Erlo Stegen

[b]Wheat & weed in the Church[/b]
[i]by Erlo Stegen[/i]

Matt 13:24-43

On the surface this parable seems simple, but it has a deep meaning and is solid food and not milk.

He speaks here of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. In Heaven it is a victorious Kingdom, an amazing Kingdom. Each and everyone entering there is blessed. But the kingdom here on earth is not exactly like the one in Heaven. There is friction and even fighting in the church of God here on earth.

The sower is the Lord Jesus Himself who became man. Note that Jesus sowed His seed in the day while the enemy sowed his seed at night. The devil works in the dark when everyone is sleeping. When they woke up they do not know that they had been visited by the enemy (Satan was one of the arch-angels, but because of pride he fell into rebellion and was cast out of heaven).

Jesus said we must "watch and pray", for if we are not alert and awake the enemy will sow his seeds in our lives.

What does the good seed and the bad seed represent? Jesus said that the good seed are the children of the Kingdom. You child of God are the good seed. But the bad seed, the weeds, are the children of the evil one.

He doesn't just speak about an object being the bad seed but they are people in the church that are children of satan.

The good seed too are people in the church who are the children of the Kingdom.

These weeds are the people in the church who do not live for God as they ought but they are always at variance with God's children. They were not alert and allowed satan to sow evil seed in their hearts and these things grew and became strong without others realising. They started off well but satan entered along the way and evil overtook them.

So the servants asked Him what to do, whether they should remove these people from their midst. The Owner said no, that they will be separated at the harvest; then the weeds will be bound together and burnt but the wheat gathered in the barn.

You might say that you want to worship at the perfect church where there are none plagued by lust or other sins, but you may search as you wish and will be disappointed. Even in the best church you will find weeds among them. There were even weeds in the first church, Ananias and Sapphirah, the Greeks who complained about the food distribution etc.

Paul mentioned some who turned away from him and from following the Lord.
But on the judgement day those who gossiped together will be bound together and thrown into the fire. Those who slander others are also a stumbling block to many who are weak.

Examine yourself with whom you are associated and who you speak together with. If you scandal about others then know that you are part of these children of hell. If you hide the sins of those who do these things you are one of them.

Examine yourself, what kind of a child of the kingdom are you? Do you walk and work in the light or darkness?

Of the righteous it is written that they will shine as the stars in the Kingdom of their Father, but the wicked will be burnt with fire unquenchable.

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 Re: Wheat & weed in the Church by Erlo Stegen

"The difference between wheat and tares is this: you can hardly tell the difference between wheat and tares until the wind blows. But when the wind blows, the wheat waves and bows with the pressure and movement of the wind. But the tares stand stiff and straight.

The problem in many a church is this: there is such a lack of the blowing of wind of the Spirit of God, you can't tell who the wheat is and who the tare is . . . " - David Ford

(Revival Conference 2008 Atlanta) David Ford Interview

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