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 A Call to Return to Solemn Assemblies by Dan Biser

[b]A Call to Return to Solemn Assemblies[/b]
[i]by Dan Biser[/i]

“What have I now done? Is there not a cause?” I Samuel 17:29

We are coming up on three full months into this New Year of 2009. And every report that comes out shows us spiraling downward away from God. A recent report that teenage birth rates are up; single mother birth rate is up; reports stating that the numbers are increasing across America of those that have no religion or belief in God; all legal avenues are being turned back to favor abortion and legalizing homosexuality. Church services being canceled, lack of prayer, no fasting and very few ‘studying to show ourselves approved unto God’ all are decreasing among our churches. There are 300 million in North America and the vast majority of them are perishing. “Is there not a cause?” for the church? Absolutely; we need revival; we need an urgent holy desire for God in our churches. I don’t know that there are too many that would disagree with my outlook upon the land. But I know that there are many that would disagree with my next solution. “What have I now done?” The cause of this evil and disgrace to the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ is because we have ceased to pray rightly. There are prayers that are offered up, there are prayer that are ‘said’; but there is no prevailing prayer today. Praise the Lord for intercessors and those laboring before the throne of God for mercy and His staying hand of wrath, but the church has failed in pursuing after God in cleansing, powerful prayer. When the church has been at it’s best, is when the church was praying it’s best. With such urgency and desperation upon us for the land, families, the church, is it not a time to seek the Lord? It is a time to call upon His Holy Name and wait before Him. Call for a Solemn Assembly in every state and church that is burdened and lift up a voice unlike any heard in the heavens for God ‘to rend the heavens’ again. Ask for His Name to be glorified in the nations; His church to be a ‘house of prayer’ again; and souls swept into the kingdom for His glory.
Andrew Murray , “Every other consideration and plan is secondary to that of wielding the forces of prayer.” We have heard and will continue to hear of the call for a ‘Resurgence for the Great Commission’. God’s blessing upon effective evangelism and the need for lost men, women and children to be saved, regenerated and born again. But a word of caution, let us not go forth without the Spirit of God upon us. Let us not labor in our own strength for the sake of doing the work. ‘Who shall ascend the hill of God? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart.’ Can we go forth with uncleanness, unfaithfulness, unbelief and immorality in our churches? Upon our pastors and leaders? God has never honored sin and will never honor it, He is holy, pure and undefiled. Let us set the Solemn Assemblies again with confession, repentance, and beseeching Him to make us holy for the work. Let us not go forth without Him.
These that have submitted their names along with this believe there is a need for a continued, sincere, prevailing prayer movement among the church, pastors and laity.
“Is there not a cause?” Yes, we know there is and it is a desperate time of spiritual warfare. “What have I now done?” Let us gather for set times of prayer, confession, fasting and waiting before His Holy Throne till He shall speak the words, “According to your faith so let it be done”. Someone may say, “What if I am the only one?” Let us pray by the ones, by the dozens, by the hundreds and by the thousands; let us ‘pray without ceasing.’

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