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Hi again everyone,


I posted nothing that would stumble a saint,or cause fear nor anything that would foment rebellion.

I hope that you are right. I looked for information about this video(and if it is the correct one) I watched a trailer for it. It in itself was enough to make my heart grieve and feel nearly sick to my stomach. I thought of how Daniel felt after the vision he saw(Dan 10:8).

I found an interview with the director(if this is not the right movie and director someone please correct me). He says near the end of the interview:

"BBC Four: There are a lot of big documentaries around at the moment. Are there any you'd pick to be on a double bill with?
EJ: In a sense I'd want to double bill the film with a competent piece of testimony that is very much opposed to what is in my film, but it's hard for me to say. Basically you want to go dancing afterwards, internalise it and let off steam after seeing it. Either that or picket in the street."

The qoute above is taken from a BBC interview [url=]here[/url]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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