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 MUST WATCH VIDEO: When God Came Down by Erlo Stegen


This is a powerful video presentation of the genuine revival that happened 40 years ago and is still going on today. KwaSizabantu Mission was founded by Erlo Stegen in revival. I had the privildge of visiting them for 1 week on my trip to South Africa last year. God is truly in that place and working apostolicaly and in revival.


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 2009/3/17 0:40Profile

 Re: MUST WATCH VIDEO: When God Came Down by Erlo Stegen

THIS has got to be the most Incredible True story that I've ever seen or heard in this day.
Eyes and cheeks hurt from the tears and smiles of joy. Bless our LORD GOD All-Mighty.

Joining with them in prayer to our Father .... "... that by HIS Grace, HE would GUARD and stoke this Fire ... that it will Not dim ... till that Last Trumpet sounds in the clouds."

Oh Alleluia Jesus, let it be - unto Your Magnificent GLORY we pray with them - Amen, and Amen!

 2009/3/17 17:53

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i watched it and it is very sobering.

lord let us help eachother. let us reach out. get us off of this pedostools we tend to place ourselfs on. keep us humble. if it is your will humble us to a point of unimagionble places. keep us aloft in your word yet down in our bodys so that we wont grow with pride. help me so i dont sin anymore. help me so i can stay on YOUR path. oh lord if only my please were more from the heart and not of the mind. i want to know what it is like to be one with you. i want to know. i want to. i fail all the time. i sometimes even deliberately mess up and i even sometimes fail to repent. but i want that to change.... i want that to change....

lord i want to love you with everything inside of me and i'm telling everyone... even though i know everyone will never hear this. only some. the few. the elec or looking. the lost who, like me, needed guidence to find you. now it seems there is this infinite world ahead of me and this disastorus one behind me. i want to forget the mess i did and i want you to soil the dirt and make a garden in a way. in a sence i want, inocence.... yeah i [i]kinda[/i] wanted a pun there but really it is true without the pun.

i sin and fail you all the time i dont understand how i can mess up.... 5 minuets later say i am sorry, and feel your peace one again, like i did absolutely nothing to begin with! but i dnot need to understand. your blood paid for my mess. and i'm not even willing to pay for our love by a mear act of obedience. it is a battle that i will never understand with the mind you gave me. and yet i sit here drinking in mess from people who no nothing of your glory and sit entertained by it. not changing the song. not turing off the tv. not reading your word on those long 2 hour drives. no... i waist it by drinking in satanic crap that is poison to your cure. i want to change but i dont know how. i dont know how. you said you are the only way. and it seems like i have gone almost everywhere but the way you want me to go.

please help me... and help me help others. like you helped them. but probably without the miracles and healing powers and predictive gifts because i cannot be trusted with them. but with the love to teach people and to win people to you. we won by your loss, makes almost no worldly sence but it shows how much love means.

i know someone who doens't know your love. i want to help her. but only if you allow me. and when or if i want to prophecy, to tell her what you want her to know. show her what you want her to know. lord she is rejecting you and i do not want to see her fall eternaly. i want her to be fine, aloft, complete, yours. please work on her like you worked on me. please heal her scars. please.

lord i wait untill the day that i get to meet up with you. either via clouds or bodily death. it doesn't matter. you matter. saving that girl matters. thank you. help me. help her. help the one that stumbles accross this possibly randomly one day choking up skittles and listining to ungodly lies! complete us all. complete us all. complete us...

in your name, which i know we love to say; jesus!

you unworthy, hoping to be compleatly faithfull one day, young in your name, servant;
-allan o


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