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 Time: The New Calvinism

[b]Time: The New Calvinism[/b]

If you really want to follow the development of conservative Christianity, track its musical hits. In the early 1900s you might have heard "The Old Rugged Cross," a celebration of the atonement. By the 1980s you could have shared the Jesus-is-my-buddy intimacy of "Shine, Jesus, Shine." And today, more and more top songs feature a God who is very big, while we are...well, hark the David Crowder Band: "I am full of earth/ You are heaven's worth/ I am stained with dirt/ Prone to depravity."

Calvinism is back, and not just musically. John Calvin's 16th century reply to medieval Catholicism's buy-your-way-out-of-purgatory excesses is Evangelicalism's latest success story, complete with an utterly sovereign and micromanaging deity, sinful and puny humanity, and the combination's logical consequence, predestination: the belief that before time's dawn, God decided whom he would save (or not), unaffected by ...

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 Re: Time: The New Calvinism

I am saying this from a Calvinist perspective. I really hope those who embrace historic Calvinistic belief also embrace historic Calvinistic practice. These doctrines have brought great joy and stability to my soul, but I hope that the rich piety that has been characteristic in the Calvinistic tradition (Watson, Owen, Bunyan, Brooks, etc.) is also embraced. In William Ames's "Marrow of Theology" he divides theology into two sections - faith and observance. I hope those involved in the "new Calvinism" embrace both of these - orthodoxy and orthopraxy.

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