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Prov.11:22 As a jewel of gold in a swine's mouth, so is a fair woman without discretion.

We are the bride of Christ and so ought live in that manner. Proverbs is a wealth of counsel on godly conduct and most especially about the power of our words.

Bitter and sweet water cannot issue from the same fountain. It brings a mixed message and much confusion. Truly out of the issues of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Jesus spoke so many times about fruit and how by our words we will be justified or condemned. It seems the "catch" scripture that people throw is "Don't judge lest you be judged" or "Take the beam out of my own eye."

It is the word of God that is judging these things. When I listen to someone such as Mr. Driscoll, bible verses are brought to my mind quickly by the Holy Spirit, not by me.

What topics does he center around and why. Does not the heart reveal the contents of itself? I could not remotely even think of my 70+ Mother sitting in one of his services. She would be much more blunt of what manner of man he is to lead the Lord's people astray and she's not even a Christian.

There is a scripture in Galations (6:7), Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsover a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Do we mock God by our base actions dear Saints? Are we not of the most royal blood lines? Oh, that we may attend His finishing school, and show the world the fruits of the Holy Spirit and not of the flesh.


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I find it very interesting that the majority of backlash to Driscoll has come of late to his sermons regarding sex. Granted, they are racy if you are used to sitting in services where the majority of the church is aged beyond that of the majority population. I would say consideration may be owed to the understanding of language, epistemology, and pathology. It seems that none of this is ever assessed, but only the standards of whats acceptable to us as men is used as the measurement.

I am only speaking from this position because a majority of what individuals are using as fodder is "a few minutes of his sermon", "the intro to this or that book", "the sermon i head so and so give about so and so's words". I mean seriously, I would not dare utilize Matthew 7 as grounds to judge or not judge in this matter. But I would say the words of assessing ourselves first are simplistic enough to justify take a look at the whole picture.

Here is a video of a Q & A involving Dr. John Piper and Mark Driscoll. Piper touches on the topic in response to one of the questions, but I do not believe it encompasses everything I would ask regarding Driscoll's ministry, but I do ask, is he in sin?

[url=]Piper and Driscoll Q & A from Resurgence Conference[/url]

James Lee

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