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 Facebook Facts

The Truth about Facebook!

The Awful Truth: Facebook:

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 Re: Facebook Facts

Hi everyone,

I wanted to mention to you all that when I opened these links just now there was profane and vulgar content displayed on the pages.

It [b]was not[/b] in the videos themselves but in the surrounding content(description and comments).

I'm not mentioning this here to find fault with Ricky but thought others should be aware.

I personally very rarely open these links, expecially if there is no description as to the content given.

Wish you all well.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Facebook Facts

Alot of this is conspiracy theories and I would advise Christians to not get "tangled" up in these things. They can cause much spiritual problems when dwelled upon.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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sorry for that link being there on what I posted.

I like to see some of the sermons on youtube and the other links are often there that are too explicit

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