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 Re: Wilkerson's Scorecard

Again, at the risk of this being redundant, I thought I would post here what I just referred to-- Wilkerson's Prophetic Scorecard from Wayneman's earlier thread.


Wilkerson's Prophetic Scorecard
We know DW is not a false prophet, because he doesn't claim to be a prophet. We know he isn't a false teacher, because Jesus said, "By their fruit you will know them," and DW's ministry does not bear the fruit of a false teacher. Fame has not gone to his head and managing millions of dollars has not turned him into a money-grubber. David Wilkerson Ministries glorifies Christ, not David Wilkerson. There can be no doubt as to his honesty, humility and faithfulness.

Here is a record (no doubt incomplete) of his past prophecies/predictions.

An excerpt from his 1973 book The Vision, predicting events for "the next ten years:"

A Crash is Coming-1
There is worldwide economic confusion just ahead. In my vision, this is the clearest thing I have seen. Many praying people now share this very same vision.

Not only is the American dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter.

It is not really a depression I see coming—but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also. Arab countries will especially be hurt.

Without a doubt, there are lean years ahead full of monetary confusion and despair. How soon is not clear, but it is not far away. The world’s greatest economists will be at a loss to explain the confusion, and an international crisis of fear will develop. A false economic boom will precede the recession—but it will be shortlived.

A Few Good Years to Prepare—2

In spite of all the danger signs around us of impending economic disaster, the next few years (from 1973) will be among the most prosperous in the history of mankind. They will be fat and flourishing years. In spite of tight money policies, people will continue to spend freely. Sales will continue to break records and people will spend more than ever in modern history. Credit debt will become nearly uncontrollable.

I see, very clearly, just a few years of tremendous affluence and continuing economic prosperity. Church budgets will increase, wages will increase—missionary giving will also increase.

Inflation, costs, and wages will spiral higher and higher. There will be a few minor adjustments in prices, but world economy will become white-hot.

When I received this vision in April of 1973, I also received clear instructions from the Holy Spirit to believe God for sufficient finances to clear all debts of our organization other than necessary mortgages. The message I received from God was very clear and to the point. It was simply this:

There is great economic confusion coming and lean years lay just ahead. There will be a few short, fat, and flourishing years to prepare for the lean years. Work and pray to clear off all debts and get ready for drastic cuts in budget. The money will not be flowing as it was in the past, and if you are free of debt, you’ll be able to maintain your programs even in the difficult years. Don’t panic—and don’t be afraid—just prepare for it and expect it!

Bankruptcies of Major corporations—3

I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation’s major and most popular corporations. I see tremendous difficulty arising for credit corporations. There are going to be any people unable to pay off their heavy obligations to major credit card companies, causing near-chaos.

Thousands of small businesses will also be forced into bankruptcies. Three, and possibly four, of the major religious denominations will be forced to operate with a skeleton organization due to a lack of funds. More than a few churches are going to have to pull back. All but a few of the radio and television ministries will have to be abandoned.

Tight money will trigger a wave of uncertainty and fear. Those who have money will hold it in reserve.

The United States government is going to “overreact” to the confused economical developments.

I see a flurry of near-panic decision being made by various government agencies—but these hasty efforts to shore up the economy will backfire.

The President of the United States will make one, and possibly two, national radio and TV appearances to reassure the nation that all is well and that the best of economic times is just ahead. It will not work. People will distrust these statements, and their fears will lead to a revolution at the polls.

The auto industry is going to be hurt badly. Makers of recreational vehicles are going to get hit very hard. Appliance inventories will pile up, and sales will fall off drastically.

Almost every economic indicator will be gloomy. It will be spotty at first—but will eventually affect nearly all industry.

September 7, 1992:

"I have had recurring visions of over 1,000 fires burning at one time here in New York city. I am convinced race riots will soon explode! New York City is right now a powder keg-ready to blow!...federal and State Welfare cutbacks will be the spark that ignites the fuse. Next year, New York City could have over 100,000 angry men on the streets, enraged because they have been cut off from benefits....Federal troops will have to move in to restore order. New York City will have tanks running down its avenues....Churches will be closed for a season because it will be too dangerous to travel about. Fires will rage everywhere."

He stated in 1994:

"Right now I sense in my spirit that in less than 5 years there will be no more so-called gospel television networks. They will all fall into bankruptcy and absolute ruin."

April 15th 1992, "I am writing this letter to you on Saturday, April 15, 2000. I have on my desk the headlines in yesterday's paper: "BLACK FRIDAY - BIGGEST ONE-DAY DROP IN HISTORY." The Dow fell 618 points - the Nasdaq fell 355. I do not know what is coming in the next sixty days. If the market bounces back, I can assure you it will be temporary. THE CRASH IS INEVITABLE - NOTHING CAN STOP IT."

Follow-up, May 22nd, "In prayer, I have told the Lord I am ready at any time to confess I am wrong - that I must have spoken from my own fears or that I have spoken unadvisedly. Recently, when the market reached record highs, I wondered if those calling me a false prophet were right."

In the mid-eighties he stated, "I know from God I have less than ten years to live."

Several sources, including a member of this forum, stated that in the weeks preceding 9-11, TSC pastors devoted their time to prayer for NYC, sensing impending calamity.

More predictions from The Vision:

There will be major earthquakes.

There will be a major famine.

Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes will increase in frequency.

"A new kind of cosmic storm appearing as a raging fire in the sky leaving a kind of vapor trail."

"A flood of filth and a baptism of dirt in America"

Topless women will appear on television, followed by full nudity.

Adult, X rated movies will be shown on cable television. Young people will gather at homes to watch this kind of material in groups.

There will be an acceptance of homosexuality, and the church will even say that it is a God-given gift.

"I see the new number one youth problem in America and the world as hatred towards parents."

"A persecution madness against truly Spirit filled Christians who love Jesus Christ"

There will arise a world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church, using Christ in name only.

There will be a hate Christ movement.

There will be a spiritual awakening behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains.

There will be another wave of riots.

There will be a fall in moral conduct.

There will be a new drug that will be popular with teenagers that will break down resistance and will encourage sexual activity.

Homosexual and lesbian ministers will be ordained and this will be heralded as a new breed of pioneer.

There will be nude dancing in church, but this will never be widespread.

There will be occult practices in churches.

Allan Halton

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Good word KJ. Here's another thought:

If DW didn't include timeframes in his prophecies, he would have an unblotted record. His prophecies would fall into two categories: those that have been fulfilled and those that have not yet been fulfilled. It is only when things do not come to pass within the appointed time that he has had to admit he was wrong. If we subtract the statement "the next ten years" from The Vision (1973) it is uncannily accurate in its description of things TODAY.

William Branham uttered hundreds of prophecies of future events and has never been proved wrong and never will be because (as far as I know) he never included a timeframe. In his latest warning DW has stepped out on a limb again by saying it will happen soon.

His ministry to gangs began with an improbable Word from the Lord: "Go to New York and help those boys." After the humiliating failure of his first mission, he received an even more improbable Word: "Go BACK to New York." It struck him as a crazy idea, but he went ahead and did it anyway, because he believed it was from God. Subsequent events would prove him right.

DW wouldn't have been used as mightily as he has been if he weren't the kind of guy who, like Peter, isn't afraid to step out on the water while the rest stay in the boat and watch.

Wayne Kraus

 2009/3/12 21:06Profile

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William Branham uttered hundreds of prophecies of future events and has never been proved wrong and never will be because (as far as I know) he never included a timeframe.

Wayne, are you a follower of Willaim Branham? just wondering..


Sandra Miller

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ginnyrose wrote:

Wayne, are you a follower of Willaim Branham? just wondering..


No, but there are still Branhamites in the world. They transcribe his sermons in chapter and verse like Scripture. Late in life he came to believe that he was the Angel of the Church of Laodicea, and took up Oneness Pentecostalism and the hillbilly "Serpent Seed" theology. He seemed sincere in his convictions that his visions and revelations were from God, but I have read and listened to a few of his sermons and didn't find them edifying. He talks more about himself than Jesus.


Wayne Kraus

 2009/3/12 22:26Profile


...It is a very critical hour. Hopefully we are not waiting for the crisis to hit before we get our relationship with the Lord to where it needs to be. I think we should seek these days to be living in such a way that, when a great shaking takes place, it doesn't overtake us by surprise: no changes in our life are necessary; we are already living a life in which our ear is bent toward our Lord Jesus, listening, and ready to do His will. All the time.

Let us be looking to our Lord to bring us deeper into that abiding relationship with Christ. We need to be seeking the grace to abide in Christ. That is the only place of safety (as always), being in Him, and in the centre of the will of God.

Good post Brother AD. Great bottomlines here. Glory!

Brother David has the gift of MERCY.

That gift mixed with his other gifts could kill a human-being, literally.

He needs all the PRAYER RIGHT NOW as we can send up to GOD our Father for him.

That's really Important right now.

Thank you all very much Brethren!

 2009/3/13 0:59

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Thank you for that word to be in much prayer for David Wilkerson. As this came out, I took it as God's way to increase my prayerfulness. God is faithful. It is easy to think that those who are in an appearance of strength are just okay and it isn't so necessary to be in constant prayer. I am constantly reminded though that they are often the most attacked by the enemy, oftentimes through the mouths of brethren. Thanks for the reminder!
In Christ, Barry

Barry Voss

 2009/3/13 7:40Profile

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It is easy to think that those who are in an appearance of strength are just okay and it isn't so necessary to be in constant prayer. I am constantly reminded though that they are often the most attacked by the enemy, oftentimes through the mouths of brethren.

We think that when we talk against someone, that it is just harmless words. But there is no such thing. The things that we say have spiritual implications - that of either building up or tearing down. While both happen on a physical level, we must not forget that there is also much that happens on a spiritual level - things that we can not see.

We unleash powers by our words, and we bind powers by our words. We are bringing things about by that which we choose to say. If we have spoken against a brother, we must repent in order to stop the destruction that occurs as a result of that which we have said.

We must also remember that which we sow we shall also we reap. There is a lady that I know that likes to gossip. Time and again I have seen her words come back to bite her. This has given her such a fear of man that she is practically useless in being used of the Lord. She has bound herself by her own words.

 2009/3/13 10:15Profile


Back to David Wilkerson - because of his gift of mercy - he doesn't care what people say about him but is broken inside that "the message" is missed by people's opinions. He worries FOR them - not for himself.

That is the difference of those who have been dealt that death blow to self.

Then they walk for others only and that is the Living sacrifice of Rom 12:1.

"That" is what wears the body down - through the inner pain FOR others. And bearing a message that DW felt would put 'fear' in people is almost like sweating blood.
THAT is what you heard in his last audio sermon - that deep grieving FOR his people.

That's the heart of a father. It's love.
The struggling and hesitations you hear in it is not just old age or anything like that - it's his "taking on" the potential suffering of others because of what he knows is coming and his compassion for the people. Not wanting to say "too much" but fears not saying 'enough' FOR them.

He isn't worried about what people say about 'him' - only that his flock worldwide not be hurt unnecessarily by this world -- that they remain strong in Christ Jesus - and his heart only breaks for those who don't get the message - not the messenger. The messenger is dead - to "self".

Words can't do any damage to a 'dead' person. :-(

Having "discernment" - caring for his flock world-wide - seeing into prophecy - seeing the faces of his people and having that gift of mercy, all at the same time, is like no other gripping/draining pain that a shepherd with those gifts can have or even bear.
Concern for the Father's Sheep And the Lost at the same time, with no thought of "self".

DW's only concern is for humans.

He has 'seen' what is coming since before The Vision was Published and has borne that burden ever since. I sincerely believe that his gift of mercy [Rom 12] is why he's jumped the gun those few times - so desperate to "save the people in time" - 'mercy' can mess up discernment and prophetic-discernment. It takes a life-time to get those two in synch - if ever, for a human-being.

He told Nicky Cruze 'way back' when, that if he cut him up in a thousand pieces, that every piece would say out "I Love You".

"Words" have no power over him or even Carter Conlon - but only that the message is being lost to the person who shuts their heart and they grieve much for HIS message, not their own or their reputation but HIS and "HIS desire" for a Victorious Glorious 'dead to self' Church, that carries it's own cross while they look up to HIM because of HIS Cross.

I myself felt it in his sermon above - that was before this Urgent-email-blog = that he needs prayer because "the burden of the LORD" wears one out physically - as Daniel was sick after his visions. I prayed as I listened because I know his inflections and nuances and why his congregation was so quiet.
He just needs prayer for physical strength and a hedge of protection from the forces that would love to hurt him in order to hurt the message of and focus on CHRIST ALONE.

 2009/3/13 12:42

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Words can't do any damage to a 'dead' person. :-(

Good point. Yet,

He just needs prayer for physical strength and a hedge of protection from the forces that would love to hurt him in order to hurt the message of and focus on CHRIST ALONE.

When we are speaking against a brother, rather than speaking for him, we are in agreement with the powers of darkness which in turn empowers them towards evil.

 2009/3/13 13:10Profile


the message of and focus on CHRIST ALONE.

GOD [b]will[/b] have a people that are dead to "self".

NO weapon formed against us can prosper.

[b]HE[/b] cannot be talked out of existance.

His Omniscience & Omnipotence is above any "words" on earth.

Human words can only bounce off of those who are totally on the Altar.

Those that are HIS will never lose their testimony of Jesus nor His Spirit of prophecy because of human's "words" - Neither satan's "words".

Pray for DW's physical strength - because as Paul or any old testament prophet - the "sentence of death" was on them - and not by "words".

The power of words cannot take away from HIM, nor the messages that go out From HIM.

It is only the loss of the person who has not ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against HIS Church.

The LORD Knows those which are HIS - the rest can "yap" until HE Returns in All of HIS Glory.

Galatians 2:20 - what did Paul think of other's "words" ?

Words can only affect "egos".

Only the jealousy for HIM to receive ALL of the Glory and that jealousy that HE be focused on, is what grieves a true bond-servant 'FOR' the people's sake - not for "self".
Words have no power over a love-slave.

The powers of darkness have no footing in the end 1 John 5:18 - only to physically kill us at the End of times - but Only When HE says so.

If a person's website is an "all about me" site - than yes - "words" will bother them - in their egos only - but we know in DW's life - that is not the case - far from it. Glory to our risen KING Only!

 2009/3/13 15:00

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