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I watched the documentary Religulous by Bill Mahr this weekend, and if you were interested, don't waste your time.

The entire documentary is vulgar and makes no logical conclusion. He claims that all religions are dangerous and anyone who follows any type of religion is irrational. Incase you were wondering, he never defines "religion" but the majority of the movie is anti-"christian" focusing much on the Catholic Church. Those who represent the Evangelical community are poor representatives and do not stand for true, Biblical Christianity. The only respected Christian leader he features is Ken Ham.

It was a bit alarming to see the hate the world has towards Christianity. I know we are a peculiar people and the world hates God, but this was a bit of a reality check. This seems to tie into much that has been said about the various "end times" conversations that have been occuring in the forum.

End times or not, we are in a world much different than just a few decades ago. All I can think about is how God has hardened the hearts of many and how He is still on His throne! Nothing can shake our God!

So, go ahead Bill, mock and criticize. The cross is a stumbling block.

Just an aside: Have you ever noticed how many of those who oppose Christianity "were raised Catholic"?

I also stumbled upon this study. In breif, the study has found a rise in "non-religious" affiliation and Americans who call themselves Christians are now 3 in 4 (75%) rather than 9 in 10 (86%) from 20 years ago.

Saints, may we not be discouraged. God can not be caught off guard. Everything is in His hands. How refreshing a thought that is.


EDIT: For the record, he never once mentioned so called Eastern Religions. Based on critera for what makes a documentary, this is not. A documentary is to be facts only presented; like a scholarly article. I guess everyone has a way of perverting truth.

Ben Fuehrer

 2009/3/9 14:44Profile

 Re: Religulous

May I ask... why did you bother watching it? I could tell by the trailers that this movie was nothing more than blasphemy.


 2009/3/10 7:43

Joined: 2008/10/21
Posts: 151


Brother Krispy,

I had not seen a trailer for the documentary. I did know it was not going to be a documentary I agreed with, but did not realize how vulgar it would have been.

For some reason I have it in my mind that I am capable of watching things that might cause others to stumble. I know, this is an issue of pride. I know I am not as mature a believer as I'd like to think I am.

I have noticed the further I walk with God, the more I need Him. When I feel like I am strong, I realize how weak I am in my own flesh.

I guess I just wanted to caution anyone else who thought the same thing I did that they might be strong enough to watch such a film. My advice - don't.

Was it a wise decision? Probably not. Did I learn a lesson? I sure did.

I guess my thinking was, "it will be good to know what a non-christian thinks". I'm sure all of you can see the fault in that statement. I shouldn't worry about the thoughts and opinions of man, especially if those thoughts or statements blaspheme the name of God.

Thank you brother for provoking me to consider the wisdom of my decision. I was expecting some resistence when I posted that I had watched such a film.

May He continue to refine me each day.


Ben Fuehrer

 2009/3/10 13:34Profile

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Bill is a lost soul he has so much hate for god its actually sad.For someone who does not believe in him he sure does go out his way too disrespect our father and Christians.

 2009/3/10 16:15Profile


The Secularists don't even agree with this man.

These others believe that we "evolved" that part of our brain that believes in god. [small g intentional]

Maybe we all need to lighten up and have a chuckle?

I found this last night and being Christian Non-Resistant, I sent it to my gun-owner friends - and they took it as I meant it - in loving jest ... as I hope anyone here would as well. :-)

HE LOVES US - That's reason to be happy together while we still can.

 2009/3/10 16:57


Bill is a lost soul he has so much hate for god its actually sad.

He is lost and we should pray for his salvation. Bill is also a blasphemer against my precious Lord... he is a fool.


 2009/3/11 7:42

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