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Miccah wrote:

To clarify, I believe that, if as a Christian and you are involved on Facebook, you should be using your Facebook account as a witnessing tool to non-believers, or for advancing the Kingdom and edifying believer to believer.

We have to be very careful regarding this. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. We do not have to constantly use face book to propgate christianity- just a sincere prayer for the person we are having a conversation with-will turn the table in God's favor.
we do not want to be religious and put people away from our lord and saviour jesus christ. He is awesome- so gentle- so loving- so caring. We serve an awesome God. Use the facebook to make friends - more friends- and just pray for each one of them. AND AS ARE SURRENDERED TO OUR SAVIOUR- HE WILL SIGNAL TO US- GO AHEAD SPEAK TO THIS ONE ABOUT ME...

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I say fill in the blank "Get off ___________", Be a Man!! Everything is in moderation, we can abuse most anything. And somethings are just not necessary for the believer....

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I overheard this 'netlingo' today... :)

Social Not-Working: The practice of spending time unproductively on social networking sites, especially when one should be working.

BlackBuried: Being inundated and exhausted trying to be on top of all your email 24/7 with your handheld mobile device.


Mike Compton

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Alien in a land not my home.


Yea and Amen. When radio first came about it was touted as a tool of the Devil, the same with TV and internet. Yet, how many millions have come to Christ through these mediums? Anything that God uses to call His own, can and will be perverted by the enemy.

David Hasty

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When I think about myspace and facebook I almost always feel [i]alarmed[/i], especially if grown adults are involved. I set up a facebook some time ago to be able to keep track of the behavior of some of my older children. I think it is a double edged sword that we must approach with tremendous caution and discernment.

One of the issues brought out in this thread, etc. is how it consumes time. The enemy loves to distract us with things that make us vulnerable to his lies and deception. There is more than one way to move a mountain. He will move in ways and things with such subtlety that you will not see it. Others will start asking questions like, "Who are you- you are not yourself!"

Facebook allows you to pick your friends. My grandma now well into her 80's says- "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who [u]you[/u] are!" We should ask ourselves who we are allowing to influence us and speak into our lives. Who are we taking up their 'cause' or their 'concerns'? Facebook allows folks to spread their ideologies and offenses in a most subtle way. It allows them to influence people, powerfully. Folk come under 'influence' and don't realize it.

Is Facebook changing your 'face'?: I mean, is it altering who you used to be? Are friendships influencing you in ways that are steering you away from God and what He is doing in your life? Always remember, deception is like RAT POISON- it is 90% good corn- it is the 10% strychnine that makes it so deadly. The question is not is something 90% true- it is whether or not it is 100% true. Many are being deceived today. Often they alter the trajectory of their life or ministry because of genuine problems; other times it is because of prejudices or jealousies. Human behavior is a multi faceted thing.

So consider this as you approach anything like Facebook or myspace or the internet. Who are you allowing to speak into your life? Are you allowing people to userp the authority of God? Facebook narrows your counselors and thus creates a 'yes' man or a 'yes' woman mindset. Everyone protects their friendships. But you need people that will speak to your life even if you disagree with them. Iron sharpens iron. If not the whole world will become like one big huge Facebook- with a willingness to shut out those with whom we differ and insulate ourselves from opposing ideas. That- would be a most dangerous world.

Robert Wurtz II

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I personally was using myspace at one time and used it as a witnessing tool, but guess what no one commented or even cared for several months so i got rid of it, now i am doing the same thing with facebook with the same responses, which would be none. I guess i would have to be joel osteen for someone to want to answer or respond. Muy family hates when i preach the gospel at home or say anything about God, i am beginning to tell people that the reason they don't care about god is because they hate god and the bible. You have to talk to people i think the way paul washer and jesus did, you must not be afraid, this world is getting even more sinful, they don't know better. Stop giving the seeker friendly gospel, telll them the truth. Anyways the lord has revealed i think something to me about everything. T.v unless your watching a great sermon or maybe the wayof the master on tv. then you our wasting your time and our not helping your walk in the spirit, because everuything else on t.v is garbage. Also christian movies today our very popular but i would like to say they our just movies and i would take them as a grain of salt, because you have to remember it is all acting, it is not real, watch documentaries or sermons. It actually sickens me that people today especially online or at the christian family store care more about fireproof a movie then about books by a.w tozer, charles spurgeon, john macarthur, etc. i don't joke i have seen tozers books sitting in the same spot without being bought for over a month now. People i think still hold onto this worldly part a lot, it is sad. Man all the godly material that has ever meant anything to me or told me the truth and has helped me understand the gospel has been free material or stuff no one really knows about like washer, reidhead, ravenhill, zacharias, but no one in mainstream christianity knows about them, why because they only see the stuff on t.v that is heresy or these best life now books promoted all over our stores, it is sad that they actually defend these people too.

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 Re: Spiltting the World between Secular and Spiritual

You seem to be getting into a mindset which divides the world between 'spiritual - Good' and 'secular - bad'. This is not biblical. God created the physical world and everything that we can see and do not see (music, poetry, art, love,etc.) God is the Creator and we create because we are made in his image. Satan has never created anything. He is not a creator. He (and people) can corrupt good things and make them bad (music, films etc can inspire people to bad things as well as good e.g. Nazi and other propaganda) but this does not mean that the things themselves are intrinsically not Godly. This distinction is a very westernised Christian slant. Jews in the Old Testament and New Testament times (and modern day Messianic Jews as well interestingly) do not recognise such a split. Today Jewish Christian bands will mix gospel songs with those with ordinary secular lyrics. To be holy is to be distinct but that is in worship to God and in attitude to life. You do not have to be religious. In fact religious people are often the most ungodly and unholy (remember Jesus' words about the then Jewish religious leaders!). We do not bring people into the Kingdom by constantly preaching to (or more probably at) them. In fact we do not bring people into the Kingdom at all. The Holy Spirit does that. Our job is to plant seeds and we do that best by showing people a better life than they have got and making them think about that. We can then answer questions (if they ask it means that they will be listening to the answers!) and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Everyone will not come into the Kingdom and we may only contribute to a very few but we must remember to listen to what God wants us to do and not simply go on our own evangelistic crusade like some sort of 'religious scattergun'.

You cannot do better than St Francis of Assissi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”.

Christ summarised the commandments as 'love God and love people'. If you show others that you are doing both in a practical fashion, that will be much more effective in preaching the gospel than thousands of books, hundreds of films or millions of words.

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"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do [facebook], do all to the glory of God."

James Rondon

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 Re: facebook

I to used facebook at onetime as i was lonely and everybody sems to be on there.but i felt even worse when i went on there.It wasted my time an made me false freinds.I needed God an now im not lonely.I am on however as its only got about 1000 members an we just talk God so to speak.and they support me as i have no real christain friends with who i can relate.I however with all forms of internet try an limit my time spent anm remember the real things like pray an reading my bible an reflecting etc

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