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Discussion Forum : General Topics : ? about possible food shortages that some say may be coming

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Please forgive me for posting this without much research, but I think the idea of a food shortage is outrageous. We can produce enough food through just the farming in America to feed the entire world. If a food shortage means you don't throw away your food anymore, then I am not scared for this at all. I don't believe it will come to that even. A shortage of food for Americans will be the end of American comfort as we know it LOL. We know then that the greatest harvest is at hand :)

Matt Chenier

 2009/3/10 3:13Profile

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East Texas


I had said to myself that I'd not say another word. If you equate preparing to disbelief, then you must do what you think right before The Lord.

Where do you get your food? The local store? What if a local or national emergency occurs? How long before that store is stripped clean? How long before it's resupplied? Three days? What if it can't be resupplied? How long can your family eat from the food you have in the pantry? How long before your babies are crying for food?

We say that America will always have massive food producing capabilities. But what of the drought affecting much of the country? And the other parts of farmland that got too much rain and planted late, not knowing if they'd have a crop or not? A 4 hour investment show I listen to each Saturday is

This last show, hours 2 and 3 were about the weather cycles which are affecting rainfall in the US. This is not doom and gloom. It's investors talking about making money. In Texas, we are dry, some areas much worse off than others. Last year, I ordered 20 bushels of peas from a small local farmer. He only harvested 6, and they were below par, but we were thankful for them.

Bothers and sisters, trust in the Lord. And prepare for hard times if they happen. Is it disbelief to save money in the bank or a 401K for your retirement? Of course not!

I thank God for giving me a mind and the strength to provide for my family.


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I posted my piece when I was tired, and not until the middle of the night did it dawn on me that I made a grave error of omission. I cited a secular source as evidence that Wilkerson should be questioned. Wrong! Maybe I will start over again...

As I recall, there have been 'Christians' in the past who have made dire predictions about future events that never happened. The first one that I remember goes back to the early 1960s, made by a Pentecostal preacher, if I recall. The prediction? "California's coastline is like a shelf that protrudes over the Pacific ocean. In a few years a great earthquake will break that shelf loose and much of California will drop into the ocean." This prediction is over 40 years old. But hey, I believed it: no way was I going to California to visit - not for years could you have gotten me to even consider it! And so it goes...I remember this prophecy the best because it is the first one I recall hearing.

When one studies the Scripture, gains a sense of the Holiness of God and what He expects man to do and what happens when man fails in this regard, the consequences are predictable. One does not have to be a theologian to see this - maybe being one will impair your ability to see it?? In any case, from what I have read of Obama, his training, his political ties and other ties does lead me to think we are headed for some political upheavals. Oh, I do not think it will happen all in one day - just in small increments to keep people calm....

There seems to be a renewed interest in people to grow their own food, something that used to be the norm - before people became so urbanized. Some are frightened because of predictions of food shortages. Whatever the reason, I am sure the consumer will be the greatest beneficiary because tastier veggies are grown in a personal garden, or truck farm that markets directly to the public. Too many veggies that are grown for the mass market are those developed for shipping and subsequent long shelf life. In this process, flavor has been sacrificed.

Elizabeth, I understand the trauma of suffering from information overload...

Now I must run - have to be at the church ASAP. The sisters meet today to sew for the needy!


Sandra Miller

 2009/3/10 9:23Profile

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