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 Suggested list of goods for calamity

I have recieved this email aswell this morning regarding Pastor Wilkersons warning. Someone on one of the forums asked the question What kind of stuff should we get for this list of 30 day supply. I believe if you can get even more than that. They also asked because they live in nyc if tsc is a good church to attend.
I'm a native new yorker I havnt lived there for a few years now but i was saved there in one day in such a radical way. i was a gang member and had lots of addictions. Truly it is revival on broadway! the amount of people there is alot and i have had such wonderful fellowship there. I urgently suggest to begin to attend there its such a cup of water in that dry city.
pastor dave wrote a book a few years ago called God's plan in the coming Depression, in it he has a suggested long list of items broken up in categories and this is suggested for for one person add to it for each person. this list is for sixty days if used sparingly. If you can by this book for the list. there is alot of stuff. but for eg. canned vegetables, long lasting milk (powdered) candles, flashlights, crakers, peanut butter, canned tuna, can opener non eletric, the list goes on. my opionion is get generic strecth your money no need for great taste you just want nourishment. try to get stuff that evn last for years.
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 Re: Suggested list of goods for calamity

A book I recommend people get if they can to encourage their faith during a time like this is:

[b]Strong In the Time of Testing by Basilea Schlink[/b]

As for necessities of food that is important to have, but also even having some basics such as candles, flashlight, warm blankets, self-powered radio, rice and other canned foods, even some water. These things are always good to have on-hand.

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