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Wanna know how to test if a prophet is of God or not? Scripture says that if he speaks a prophecy and it does not come to pass he is not a prophet of God, and we should not fear him.

If a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD but the thing does not take place or prove true, it is a word that the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; (Deuteronomy 18:22)

Judge for yourself.


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 Re: Actually?

Thats only part of the whole text, the real underlying proof is whether or not thier message turns the hearts of the people back to "thier" God. In other words thier message causes repentance, carefulness toward a holy God, a deep searching of ones self in the fear of the Lord,or a deep sense of awe. Look at Isiah verses Hezekiah or Jonah verses Nineveh, and way too many examples through out the bible to site historically. The primary function of the prophetic is intercession and a standing in the gap inorder to turn the hearts of the sons to the fathers and the fathers to the sons as it were, a restoring of divine order where the Lord is central again. But it goes deeper than just if it comes to pass. From Moses forward all of the prophets mentioned would have been stoned to death.


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For the sake of clarity (since I was the first to mention Hinn and Wilkerson in the same sentence) I never compared Wilkerson to Hinn, read it again.

I compared our attitude to Hinn's failed prophecies to Wilkerson's. there is a difference.

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Dohzman, you make a great point. And I would say that it is validated by Scripture, but also would add that a majority of the OT prophecies were of coming judgment upon an unrepentant Israel, and then the majority of miracles illustrated in the OT were miracles in the sense of miraculous, but judgments in the sense of destruction and condemnation. Would such a judgment come before the final coming? I don't see a necessity of doomsday prophesying when we have been told a final revelation from the Lord's mouth Himself that He will return to judge the quick and the dead....And in that day there will be much calamity..So if we are really just restating the obvious, especially from a prophet who doesn't claim to be a prophet, but a receiver of "Word" what is he then?

James Lee

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 Re: David Wilkerson just sent this letter out to the world!!!

this sounds a little like, Ironman and rahman

In Christ

Tom weighill

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The word of God is in every believer. If God is your father then "my sheep hear my voice" is what is available to all that belong to him.

It doesnt matter who your favorite prophet or preacher is.

If he is my father too then he will tell me and the word of the prophet will be confirmed in my spirit by confirmation.

It is the inability to hear God that will work with the last days deception to deceive the "very elect"

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