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Croydon, South London, UK

 Starting the fire of revival with online prayer teams....

A couple of things: re questions about pronunciation of 'Sialkot' I've just gone to where there is a pronunciation key.

Apparently it is pronounced 'see - ahhl - kote'
Thats how I worked it out, check it out see what you think.

The other thing is I have been greatly impressed by the thought of being an active tool for the Lord in encouraging revival. I cannot do more than the Lord permits, he is currently blessing me with the desire for a middle of the night 'quiet time' with him, it is the only time that will work for me as I have a two year old son and another on the way end of Oct (God is Great :-) ) I fervently pray he will continue this desire in me.

Over the last six months my soul has been nourished greatly by Greg's work, the sermons have been an enormous teaching and inspiration to me. My wife and I have ditched the tv and we are both daily seeking a more intimate relationship with the Lord through His Word and through prayer.

After reading the book on Praying Hyde I have the desire to structure my prayers more effectively and really petition the Lord through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Charles Finney lectures have opened my eyes to the fact that a revival is no more miraculous than a crop of wheat. We need to be the instigators.

I would like to partner with one or more people and group together remotely to pray for revival in each others areas. For example I am based in Croydon, a suburb south of London, my prayers for revival in my area go in order: a revival in my heart, in my household, in my church, in my street, in my town etc. I want to pray for others of you who are also keen for the same revival in your hearts, households, churches and streets. The Lord is not limited by geography and I believe small online groups of us can band together to pray for physical groups to be formed in our locality with like minded people, this seems to me like a good way of starting a fire !!

I'm keen to hear your thoughts...

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 Re: Starting the fire of revival with online prayer teams....

I am Peter Tan,from Singapore;Glad to hear that you and your wife have a passion for revival.Seeking the Lord for the last 8 years for revival,it had not been easy at all.There are times that in seeking him I swing to the extreme,glad that you are willing to pray for the others.Well, to go straigth to the point pray for me,what I need most is restoratiion to oneness in the Lord.THe reality of His love and person need to be restored.
In my early christian walk in the early 90's, I told the Lord;whatever the prize for revival I am willing to pay for it.It has been more than 10 years,going through the wilderness certainly has never been easy.Peter(

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 Re: Starting the fire of revival with online prayer teams....

Dear Brother James,

Yes! Great Idea!

PLEASE email me!
Robert at

That's a ONE (1) in map1e !

Keep Praying!

Robert Gates

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