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 North example?

I think social "gospel" evangelism is deceptive...but I wonder if seeing what is going on some places...and can happen here someday, and that sharing burdens to present this film before a secular university audience might give opportunity to answer for the hope we have...

Anybody that fears the LORD want to share some insight???


NEW movie!!! on North Korea called "Crossing"

I am concerned that it might be kind of "kingdom now" or be a little too political...I don't want to produce an Ismael...

 2009/3/3 3:12Profile

 Re: North example?


I had never heard of this movie until I read your post last month and since then I have been on the search. Today I found out that the government recalled it and its no longer distributed here in Korea because it hits too close to home and sheds some unwanted light on the truth of the hypocrisy in which Koreans live. Although there is a border seperating the South from the North, ideologies keep many connected.

A missile should be the least of anybody's concerns.

Now I'd like to see the movie to see what the fuss is about...


 2009/4/4 10:27


...I found the movie today and watched it with my wife. {Japanese Subtitles}

I do not see the reason why you would have any hesitation watching it in a secular university, if you have the ability to show movies; actually, I would go further to say that IT IS NOT A CHRISTIAN MOVIE.

Do not get me wrong, it is a movie based on a true story and a sad story at that, but Christ is definately not lifted up in this movie, nor is He glorified in any way shape or form.

That being said, I would recommend it from a national point of view, especially with all of the attention North Korea has been getting with their rocket racket.

The premise...North Korean family,sick mother, father sneaks into China, nearly arrested, saved but pressured into South Korean embassy,sent to South Korea,[meanwhile mom and child are starving in North Korea], father tries and fails to make it back to the North, mother gets worse...,son tries to follow father's footsteps into China and gets caught by North Korean government, he is put in a prison, eventually, freed to meet father in Mongolia... watch if you want to see.

The above link does not have English, but with my wonderful notes, you should be fine...

Truthfully, my heart is enlarging for the Korean people. I asked God the other day to take my joy and give me a burden...

This was somewhat interesting...

and this ...

and this...

 2009/4/10 10:12

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