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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pro-Homosexual Booklet to Be Distributed to All 16,000 US School Districts

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well, i did look at the pamphlet (don't condemn me for this). It is interesting that they call it "Just the Facts". I think they need to get their facts straight (no pun intended).

"Because x-gay and transformational ministries usually characterize homosexuality as sinful or evil, promotion in schools of such ministries or of therapies associated with such ministries would likely exacerbate the risk of marginalization, harassment, harm, and fear experienced by lesbain, gay and bisexual students." Interesting. I know that a lot of Christian organizations have not been good examples of representing Christ, but I don't think Christ would ever do these things?

People seem to forget that there are no degrees of sin (except blaspheming the Holy Spirit, different discussion for a different thread). Why do we place this one sin above all the rest? I would say that if you can seek help for adultry, lying, stealing, etc, why is it harmful to seek help for homosexuality?

Ben Fuehrer

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