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North Central Florida

 Pro-Homosexual Booklet to Be Distributed to All 16,000 US School Districts



"Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth," is set to be distributed to all 16,000 school districts in the country.

The 24-page booklet by the National Education Association and American Psychological Association, tells students that homosexuality is a "normal expression of human sexuality".

"[b]What's so scary and dogmatic about this report is that it communicates that religious-based viewpoints are harmful, and even dangerous,[/b]" said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action.

The booklet particularly targets the idea that homosexuality is a condition that can be changed. It instructs educators, "Schools should be careful to avoid discussions of transformational ministry in their curriculum."
Things are moving faster and faster toward pure evil.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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 Re: Pro-Homosexual Booklet to Be Distributed to All 16,000 US School Districts

Two words: Home School.

"The companion of fools shall be destroyed," applies morally as often as finally.

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Joined: 2008/10/25
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North Central Florida


If you read (the thread just below this one) you will see, if that law is passed, even Homeschooling will be not enough.

Jesus said woe unto those who are nursing when you have to flee. (roughly paraphrased) It has come full circle and now it is, again, 'woe unto you' if you have children in these end times. How could a parent raise a child properly with those rules?

You are right up to the point that that law gets passed, though, it is safer to home school but there are many people who can not do it.

Kind regards,
white stone


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Just a sign of the times, nothing more. We know that it is going to get way worse until Jesus reigns, so we should expect nothing less from a dieing world.

What most don't see is that this is a a great opportunity for some of us Christians to spread the word of the Lord to the lost. This is not above the Lord and He will use this for His glory, as He will for all other negative policies and news stories.

Come Lord Jesus.


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What's next? perhaps a bill declaring 'home schooling' as ground for a case of 'child abuse'. May it never be.

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South Yorkshire, UK


Similar things are happening here in the UK. The 'right to do as you please' is taking centre stage, enshrined in law and policy.

The sad thing is that this is beguiling and deceiving Christian people.

Let those who lead and teach and preach be convinced of the urgency of the hour and let no opportunity go by to encourage and exhort the people.

Jamie Adam

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Maryland, USA

 Re: Pro-Homosexual Booklet to Be Distributed to All 16,000 US School Districts

Fyi, the entire pamphlet may be found here.

[url=]APA: Just the facts[/url]

Tracy Hofmann

 2009/2/27 9:45Profile


Home schooling is now outlawed in Germany, and as the "New World Order" progresses, will eventually be the law of the land.

The United Nations is behind a lot of this. Why? Because they believe in population control, and homosexuals don't have children normally. If they use artifical insemination, the numbers are still down from heterosexual couples.

The present world population is 6 Billion. According to the U.N., for the sake of "Sustainable Development", the ideal number should be between 500,000,000 to 1 Billion people. One of their ways to get there is to promote homosexuality from the cradle to the grave.

That is what this is all about, directly from pit of hell.



 2009/2/27 9:58

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how many days left? dang.

Jesus i'm getting kinda anxious... haha i know you dont want me to but i'm really wanting you to take us! soon... any day now. hmm... yeah. i wish you would take me this second but there are still [url="] some things[url] that are needed to be done. some because that is surely not all.


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wonder how you can find out what school districts and will they be distributing this to all grade levels?

Homeschooling would be the answer to protect your children from this sort of propaganda from hell. I would love to homeschool my boys, but it is easy for me to say when I am at work all day and my wife would be the one to homeschool, I know she is not ready and feels uncomfortable with homeschooling right now. Who knows maybe the Lord will change her heart. Times are getting darker and we may not have a choice in the matter.

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