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Joined: 2009/2/17
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Muscle Shoals, AL

 home schooling

This is our frist year to home school. This was not something we rushed into, but with much prayer we felt this is what God's will was for us to do. What I want to ask is, is there any tips from brothers and sisters who have been thought their frist year.

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 Re: home schooling

Homeschooling is a tremendous privilege and blessing to the whole family. Homeschooling is hard work though and it demands that you prayerfully seek God daily for grace to be wise, patient, and diligent in teaching the children. You will learn many valuable lessons yourself as you teach the children.

It will be important for the father to help in the schooling in any way he can and to be mindful that the mother will often need a well deserved break after one of those difficult days with the children that are sure to come.

You may want to get involved with a local homeschool group if there are any in your area, it's a good chance to occasionally get together with other homeschool familes and also glean some wisdom from those who have been doing it for a while.

Also, I would recommend that you read the following book from Susan and Michael Card, lots of good stuff in there for you.

[url=]The Homeschool Journey[/url]

You are embarking on a very rewarding journey, may God bless you and your children.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Joined: 2009/2/17
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Muscle Shoals, AL


Thank you brother Ron.

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Kind regards,
white stone


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This is my second year of homeschooling my children. They are ages 6, 8, and 15. My youngest, who is now 4, will be in kindergarten this coming up school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have found that the days I get up early and pray go much smoother than when I don't. So much prayer is recommended. We have had our ups and downs...mostly ups though! My children have said many times that they would not want to go to a public or private school. They love homeschooling. There is much satisfaction to be had knowing that you are doing the right thing according to God. I prayed about it before we started homeschooling and God has confirmed time and time again that it was meant for me to homeschool my children. I pray that He will lead and guide you throughout the coming years. The first year was a little harder than this year, but that's because we had to get used to it! We don't operate the same as a public or private school does, but it works for us. And what works for one may not the other. Praying for guidance and direction is a must! I wouldn't trade teaching my kids for anything. (Unless the Lord told me to) :) I hope this has helped somewhat! Praying for you and your family!
In Christ,

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 Re: home schooling

wtninChrist wrote:


This is our first year to home school. This was not something we rushed into, but with much prayer we felt this is what God's will was for us to do. What I want to ask is, is there any tips from brothers and sisters who have been thought their frist year.

This is from my wife :-) Blessings my friend.

I would suggest researching curriculum as much as possible. You might not yet know your teaching style/your child's learning style, but try to get a feel for what's out there. Most companies have a free return policy, so even if after all of your research you buy it and look through it and find it's not for you, send it back. You don't want to be strapped into a curriculum you don't like for a whole year.

Take it slow to begin with, experiment with what will work for you family: when will you do school? where? how much/little do you want to plan ahead/prepare? This is all stuff that you will adjust as you go. No one way will work for every home school family, that the beauty of it: you make it work for YOU and you KIDS!!!

Have fun, enjoy the special time with your kids. Put the books away and go out for a nature hike on a warm spring day. It certainly is not easy, but if God led you to this place, He will bring it all together. Learn as much as you can, use what you like, scrap what you don't.


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Bangalore, India

 Re: home schooling

I have not been exposed to home schooling, so I cannot offer any practical adivce specific to it.

But I wanted to add on and encourage ... and remind you something which you already know ...

Firstly, it is a tremendous responsibility as well as a strain on ones efforts. The need for commitement is enormous. So for everyone who has decided to go ahead with this, so that their children will grow up in the fear of God, Our Father sees the intentions of our heart and He will freely give you grace. Press on.

And may God continue to give you Grace to remain in humble dependence on HIM to give you the stamina and the wisdom in bringing forth men and women of God. Knowing that sin and coruption came in Eden without the influence of 'others', knowing that even Cain fell into sin, though he was home schooled :-) But by His grace He is able to keep us.
Simply put, I need to understand that it His grace on my efforts that brings forth the fruit and not the effort or the solution itself.
The answer, the solution, is Jesus Himself.

Lastly, though homeschooled may God give them grace to be a witness to the children in their neighbourhood. Not as much as in words and lengthy sermons, but in practical testimony of their life - by their obedience to their parents, by the purity of their language, by their sharing and helpful attitude, by their dependance on God for all things, by thier respect of elders, by their respect for the law, by their tolerance and love for others even though they are not home schooled, by being able to take ridicule in love, ....

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