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 "Life's Magnificent Obsession' by C. William Fisher

Excerpt from: "Life's Magnificen Obsesion" by C. William Fisher

God did not send His only Son into the world merely to teach ignorant men or merely to guide groping men or to feed hungry men or to heal sick men. God did send His Son to die on the cross to redeem sinful men!

Oh, the lift and lilt and fullness it gives to life to share in God's eternal purpose and plan in redeeming lost men! We are not spectators; we are participants in the divine plan. And so it is that we fulfill our own highest destiny only as we bring lost men and women to Christ

Success in soul winning, however, can never be achieved without total response to its demands. Redeeming men required God's best effort, and it requires man's all-out best. There is no other task in all of life that is so total in its demands upon the energies of the individual. Nothing else so drains the energies as soul winning. The forces and energies and abilities of the whole personality are required in the high and sacred business of winning men to Christ.

Soul winning is life's supreme endeavor because it demands divine assistance. There is no one intelligent enough, or educated enough, or cultured enough, or forceful enough to win a lost soul to Christ. There is no one who through sheer ability alone can really win a lost soul. It takes God's help to do that!

O Christian, O church member, let us go about our homes obsessed with the idea of winning our families to Christ. Let us go to our work obsessed with the idea of winning our fellow workmen to Christ. Let us go to school obsessed with winning other students to Christ. Let us associate with our neighbors and friends obsessed with the idea of winning them to Christ. To win souls! -- that must be our obsession!

Oh, that we might be so magnificently obsessed that we can say with Paul, "I count not my life dear ... I am ready to die for the Lord Jesus ... But I must warn everyone night and day with tears."

Oh, that we might be so magnificently obsessed that we can cry with Brainerd, "I care not where I live or what hardships I endure, so that I may gain souls for Christ!"

Oh, that we might be so magnificently obsessed that we can pray and plead with Whitefield, "O God, give me souls -- or take my soul!"

That should be our prayer! That must be our prayer! That will be our prayer! "O God, give me souls -- or take my soul!!"

Let us then rise with warm hearts and burdened souls to the challenge of our redemptive task, and with the call and command of Christ charging our souls with holy urgency, and with the insistent voice of our own conscience demanding action, and the clamoring cries of sin-sick souls forever shattering our indifference and complacency. Let us go with a burning passion for the lost, with our minds and our emotions and our wills aflame with Life's Magnificent Obsession!


Show us, O Christ, Thy pierced hands. Show us, O Christ, Thy two spiked feet. Let us feel now the jagged wound of Thy pierced side. Let us look again, O Master, upon Thy broken, bleeding body and that brutal, blood-soaked cross. Then through the holes of Thy hands and feet may we look upon the nice houses we live in, the soft beds we sleep in, the nice cars we drive, and the fine clothes we wear, and the good food we eat; and may we, O Christ, feel that burning sense of shame for having done so little, and cared so little, and cried so little, and suffered so little, and sacrificed so little for such a suffering Christ, and for such a sinful world! This we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

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 Re: "Life's Magnificent Obsession' by C. William Fisher

Aman, brother this is os true. Thank you.

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