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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : ELCA Lutherans propose allowing 'gay' pastors

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 ELCA Lutherans propose allowing 'gay' pastors

[b]ELCA Lutherans propose allowing 'gay' pastors[/b]

One of the nation's largest Protestant denominations would allow gay clergy in committed relationships to pastor local churches, under a new proposal from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Officially, all unmarried clergy in the 4.9 million-member denomination must remain celibate. But since 2007, Lutheran bishops have agreed not to discipline gay clergy who are sexually active.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: ELCA Lutherans propose allowing 'gay' pastors

As I did when a similar thing happened in liberal Presbyterian circles, I just want to point out that not all groups of Lutherans hold to such things. The LCMS and WELS are still conservative groups who would abhor such things.

May the Lord grant them repentance.

Taylor Otwell

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 Re: ELCA Lutherans propose allowing 'gay' pastors

Roberts points out that while Jesus described marriage as being between a man and a woman, he never addressed homosexuality.

"I wish Jesus had said something about this, but he didn't," Roberts said.


Do Lutherans only go by what was specifically spoken by Jesus?

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i am a former luthern. and i can't speek about all lutherns but um.. the few churches i have been to, the answer is no.

my sunday school teacher said that abstenece was not in the bible so she "guesses" it is ok.

my pastor refuses to accept the rapture as a biblcal fact. and strait up calls it a lie invented in the '50s.

also we dont have bible study in high-school sunday school, we watch a nooma video and the sunday school teacher who is obviously ignorant (without knowledge) of the bible or God in a sense HE wants us to be, askes us what we think about the video and doesn't really pick sides.

we also watched a video last year about um.. the title was, i am not editing it really is just that, "What The Bleep Do We Know?" which if i may i will post a link for youtube;

and i dont know if my (former) teacher was meaning to word one of her questions like this but she asked this "do you think god is water? or in water?"

my church is heading towards New Age fast and they are ok with it. i can tell a major difference in the atmosphere there compaired to my new church which i go to on Wed which is an Assemblies Of God denomination which they are very very Godly people for the most part, setting aside the hypocrytes and the aithiest who almost regularly get converted.

the answer is an obvious no for the churches that are like mine.

i have more to speek of about my former "church" but i will choose not to.

very seldom do they read from the bible of Jesus' gospels, they are kind of a joel olsteen "be good and stuff" type. i am not to familiar with joel olsteen but i have seen a few of his sermons, which are more of a peppy type than a biblical read and interperet what it is talking about type of persion, because my mom watches them...

please Lord only you can change these peoples heart! and come jesus! speed up the required prophecys! just sayin.... but then again, nah... i dont konw that much so yah know...


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ELCA, Luther called, he wants his name back.

This is not the first season of apostasy the Church has witnessed. In fact, apostasy is ever present in history. If not in one region, another. Athanasius might say to us, "you have some company, but I was against the world!"

With Christ one saint on his knees is a majority.

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