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 Conviction of Sin for A Believer

I have a question about conviction of sin for a believer.

[b]Where does it come from? The Holy Spirit? Their conscience? Or Both?[/b]

Please use scriptures to support your answer.

Thank you!

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 Re: Conviction of Sin for A Believer

I suggest both, and always at the same time.

Your conscience could convict you, but only because the Holy Spirit has written God's laws on your hearts (Ezek 36:26-27).

So, it seems like they are connected. The Holy Spirit is convicting you through pricking your conscience. Your conscience is convicting you because of the Holy Spirit's work.

Does that makes sense? Ezekiel 36 is my Scriptural basis, and Romans 14 lets us know that we can have convictions of conscience (though determining if those convictions are valid is another topic.)

With care in Christ,

Taylor Otwell

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Regarding Taylor's post of knowing about conscience, there is an issue of validity here.

Unbelievers have a conscience, and the Holy Spirit can prick those of both believer and non through the conviction of sin. But the Holy Spirit works in His own unique ways too. He is the Helper, helping us to a great many things, but particularly in the revelation of scripture - no-one comes to God except through His action in salvation - and in guiding us into all truth.

If this sounds wrong then please someone sound me out but this is my understanding from my knowledge of scripture.

Jamie Adam

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 Re: Conviction of Sin for A Believer

From John 16:8-9 it seems like the Holy Spirit's conviction is different than the normal conviction of conscience in one special thing: His conviction has to do with not just right/wrong, but it's all about not believing in God.

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 Re: Conviction of Sin for A Believer

It would seem your trying to divide the two...the heart and the Holy Spirit in a believer. If the Holy Spirit resides in me we are one....the great mystery Paul was talking about in Eph 5 and using marriage to illustrate. He has made our hearts new by His presence. Therefore as John wrote in his epistle..."beloved if our heart condemns us not then we have confidence before God....."


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 Re: Conviction of Sin for A Believer

O J Smith's talk The Spirit-Filled Life covers the difference between general conviction for an unbeliever (I am a sinner) such that he turns to Christ, and the conviction of individual sins which a Christian may feel.

I wondered for YEARS (many years) about this verse.

1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

Eventually, I realised, this is the big difference. It's not the Holy Spirit OUTSIDE, but the Holy Spirit INSIDE that sheds light on our true state, that we may benefit from an ongoing repentance towards God, and let Him renew us in His own image more fully.

 2011/5/21 6:34

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There is a major difference between the conscience of a believer and a unbeliever. Before we are born again there were things that we could do and say that were sin before God but would hardly register with our conscience.

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses our conscience so that which grieves God will also grieve us. The Holy Spirit works through the conscience of a believer to convict him of anything that is not pleasing to God. The Holy Spirit is working in the unbeliever not so much to convict him of particular sins but to convict him that he is a sinner that is lost and seperated from God.

The more that we give heed to the inner workings of the Holy Spirit in our conscience, the greater will be the sensitivity and tenderness to anything that would grieve the Lord.



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Much backsliding in the life of a Christian comes from not giving heed to conscience.

"Conscience is like a window to the believer's spirit. Through it the rays of heaven shine into the spirit, flooding the whole being with light. Heavenly light shines in through the conscience to expose fault and to condemn failure whenever we wrongfully think or speak or act in a way not becoming saints. If by submitting to its voice and eliminating the sin it condemns we allow it to do its work, then the light from heaven will shine brighter next time; but should we not confess nor extirpate the sin, our conscience will be corrupted by it (Titus 1.15), because we have not walked according to the teaching of God's light. With sin accumulating, conscience as a window becomes increasingly clouded. Light can barely penetrate the spirit. And there finally comes a day when that believer can sin without compunction and with no grief at all, since the conscience has long been paralyzed and the intuition dulled by sin. The more spiritual a believer is the more keenly alert is his inner monitor. No Christian can be so spiritual as to have no further necessity to confess his sin. He must be fallen spiritually if his conscience is dull and insensitive. Excellent knowledge, hard labor, excited feeling and strong will canriot substitute for a sensitive conscience. He who does not heed it but seeks mental and sensational progress is retrogressing spiritually."

From "The Spiritual Man" by Watchman Nee


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 Re: Conviction of Sin for A Believer

Romans 2:15 The common conscience
Romans 3:20 The law necessary for the conscience (all have received one way or another)

One born anew? must have a (Law is written upon their hearts) no longer the common conscience for it is now living and apart of the believer. Not only can it not be ignored but it cannot be forgotten by the good grace of the Spirit that brings life to it. It is an accountability factor to the New Love of our life. Before we sinned and violated a common God given conscience. Now we sin and we grieve that we have sinned not just against ourselves or another but God himself. Against You and You alone have I sinned. This is not the conscience of the unbeliever who has only the common conscience without the Spirits residence. Our new conscience is accountable to the greatest degree and would overwhelm the old conscience even if it were extant.

New creation
New conscience
but still in this body yearning to be totally free of the encumbrance we are housed in.

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""New creation
New conscience
but still in this body yearning to be totally free of the encumbrance we are housed in.""

Joh 16:8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
Joh 16:9 Of sin, because they believe not on me;

John 8:9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

Both convict, then our New conscience.

In Christ: Phillip


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