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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Old Chatholic teachings that still linger

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 Old Chatholic teachings that still linger

Just a few days ago something happened that opened my eyes to see somethings about myself that I had not realized before. I was reading an article where a professing christian was talking about past sin in there life, sin that they struggled with even while they were saved and I immediately thought "How could they be a christian and do something like that?" Then it struck me that in my view of things I was still putting degree of sin to things. I was raised as a Roman Catholic and that was a big part of how I was taught about sin. Adultery, or murder was a mortal sin while telling a little white lie was just a venial sin. I was really surprised to find myself still struggling with some of these old views and attitudes that I thought I had laid down at the cross long ago.There is a pride issue that Father is showing me I need to die to in all of this. I do realize that those that are His are not going to continue to walk in sin once they see it but I am seeking understanding from Father, to have His view of sin and not to put a degree on it. Does that make sense??

Any how I was wondering if anyone else found that they still struggle with attitudes/views of things that were taught as a child concerning the Lord that still come up at times that they now know are not of Him?

God Bless

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 Re: Old Chatholic teachings that still linger

Dear MaryJane,

In a short reply, YES! I do, too. Not Roman Catholic but things that were told to me as a child are there when I do not choose them to be. It is like an instant replay and can be most distressful. Things my step-father taught me, especially, "Do as I SAY do," for one. I realize he was only teaching what he believed and I hold no hard feelings but at times but at times they creep back and I must kill them again. Not so much for my sake, for I have found Jesus but for my Sister and her daughters who are dead in worldly living. The family worship the granddaughters to their ruin.

Kindest regards,
white stone


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