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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Sell all you own and give to the poor - Your take on this, please

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Well White Stone,

I can only say that I've noticed when the dealings come to us, we seem to lose our appeal to people who thought we had something they wanted. Perhaps it is his wise affliction to us to make us friendless for a season. When everything in this world seems lost to us in that terrible season, and our friends have filed away, then only Jesus remains in the spot light on the stage of our hearts. In the moments leading up to that stark moment, while we still had a few treasures left to save, we despaired. But after the moment when we lost all our sufficiency, we could at last see his, and we felt truly blessed.

Yet, praise God, because of this ministry of the Holy Spirit, there are others who have also been flattened and as a result don't have any reputation to lose by remaining your friend.

Blessings dear sister,


Mike Compton

 2009/2/25 0:01Profile

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North Central Florida


Dear Compton,

Very nicely said. Amen!

white stone


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