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 Wigglesworth and prophecy of last great revival for ANZAC islands


I am trying to locate details of a prophecy given by Smith Wigglesworth of a last great revival coming to the ANZAC island (Australia and New Zealand) then spreading across the world. I have seen details of his prophecy for Great Britain, but not the ANZAC one. It has often been referred to but does anyone have the details of the text please ?


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 Re: Wigglesworth and prophecy of last great revival for ANZAC islands

Found this on the internet. Extremely interesting

"I am in no way attempting to glorify war, it is terrible. But I believe we need "to give honour where honour is due." Many of the Light Horsemen were visibly moved when they realised they had opened the gateway to the Holy Land, a doorway which had been firmly shut for centuries. One writer put it this way "Without the ANZAC involvement the modern state of Israel would not have come into existence!" On December 11th 1917 the Australian Light Horsemen rode triumphantly into Jerusalem, so far from their homes, their emu feathers proudly fluttering in the breeze, to be greeted with a hysterical welcome by Jews and Christians. A far cry from the scenario when Godfrey of Bouillon and his bloodthirsty Crusaders had entered the city in 1099. Centuries of Moslem rule was over. As the triumphant British General Allenby entered the city through the Jaffa gate, his honour guard was made up of slouch hatted Aussies. Opposite him as he stood on the steps of the Citadel of David he was encircled by another honour guard of proud ANZAC Light Horsemen! Their magnificent effort was being honoured by the world!

History has not been kind to these magnificent mounted Aussies. Not only is this magnificent and historical feat not known by the world but even most Australians are unfamiliar with what their forefathers achieved. Even the capture of Damascus was accredited to Lawrence of Arabia and his Arab army, but the truth is the Aussie Light Horsemen had taken the city one week earlier but had to hide out of sight while Lawrence's ego was appeased, allowing him to parade into the city!
I believe that the Lord will repay the debt paid in blood by these wonderful young ANZACS and I believe that Smith Wigglesworth's prophecy is about to be implemented. What awesome days to be alive and serving God. What a great day to be an Aussie. Not only is the best yet to come but I believe we haven't seen anything yet! If 800 ANZAC Light Horsemen can rewrite the history books, what can 18 million ANZACS do in the spiritual battle! Fasten your safety belt Aussie Christians as we charge the year 2000 for the Lord!"

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