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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Can you share what your "thorn in the flesh" is?

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Joined: 2007/2/16
Posts: 231
Longview WA


I am certain that as we grow in the Lord and increase in knowledge we will get a thorn to keep us from being puffed up, and boastful.
consider it a mercy from God to keep us from being judged.

The comment that Washington is my thorn makes me laugh because it's not only true but an indictment to us who apparently are not praying effectively enough to have a Godly leadership..
myself included of course.....Please pray for our leadership. :-)


 2009/2/12 16:08Profile

Joined: 2009/2/1
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I think the Washington situation is evidence of what this nation has been sowing--what a vile crop it is! Anyone got a good backhoe?

As to people, even spouses, being thorns--I've had to live in relationships with some pretty prickly people who won't go away. I think the situations they create can be pretty thorny.

Through prayer and the grace and power of the Lord, we shall endure.

 2009/2/13 11:56Profile

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